Japan is a place with lots of beauty.. some of it is in the simple places and some in the more fancy (like a temple) but the beauty is found everywhere.  one such beauty is rice fields... no one thinks about it but they are so pretty!! think about the waving green leaves of the rice plant flowing in the wind and you can see why it would be pretty... here let me get the help from "Texan in Tokyo" to show you what I mean...


that was a blog Grace posted about the rice fields and the pictures are lovely! If I lived near one I could take pictures near them all day long!!! Dont get me wrong there are probably a few of these here in america... maybe... but nothing like in Japan!

I've come to think that maybe we should all start growing something to eat near our house of in our house so that we can have fresh chemical free food! I want to see if I can figure out how to grow rice inside lol.. or at least on my porch... maybe... but i am definitely going to look into what it takes to keep a garden of fresh veggies!!!

If there is one thing I've learned about beauty... It's that it comes in all shapes and sized in both nature and people... It's everywhere!!! Rice fields, grain fields, any farm field to be honest, has a special kind of beauty. look around and you will see beauty where you never thought there was any... soooooo challenge time!!!

look around you and comment one thing that you found beauty in today!

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