Possible new author...

I was looking at my blog and thinking how can I make this even better... That is the ever persistent challenge of any blogger right? Then I was reading a blog post by Texan in Tokyo and it hit me! I can have guest authors on here... Maybe... It isn't like I can have some famous person write on a blog that isn't famous right? So then I was all upset thinking it was not possible when....

yup... I was talkin to my niece about this and she is also a person who loves writing! She said she would love to write an article here or there... So I thought maybe that would help her too! She is suffering a LONG spell of writers block! Writing a blog helps me when I have a block going so maybe writing a bit will help her too... Now I just need to figure out if she is gonna write about stuff I "assign" to her or am I letting her have free run of her posts...

Do I wanna essentially be her editor and publisher or do I just want to be a place she can blog and have fun writing??? Sooooo much to think about!!!

Not to mention that before I can actually add her as a contributing author I need to figure out how that whole thing works!!! I also need to figure out if I want to move to the new hosting site too!

So in the end it will be a bit before you see a post from her... BUT... I would love to know if you would like to see posts from someone new or would you rather I just write here?

Let me know in the comments section and we can pray Blogger has fixed it and I see them!

As always... Thanx for reading!!!

Have a great day!!!

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