New Series of Posts!!!

Introducing Reliv

Sponsor RCN: 7668404001

               FibRestore®                     ReverseAge®                     Cellebrate                       
               Innergize!®                     Slimplicity®                       Reliv Now®                    
               ProVantage®                   GlucAffect®                        LunaRich XTM                  
               Arthaffect®                      CardioSentials®                 Reliv Now® for Kids       
               24KTM                               SoySentials®                     Reliv Classic®                 

If you are wondering what this post is about... Above there is a list of products that Reliv offers. I thought it would be good to give you the list and the RCN you will need when ordering. You have to register as a customer and put the RCN found above in the "Sponsor RCN" space.

There are pages made and listed on the sidebar of my blog that make it easy to find both the blog posts and the product list fast. Each post will be added to the "Reliv... You're what..." page as they are posted to the blog.

This is a new series of post I wanted to share with you all because I love the products they sell... I am going to have the list and RCN along with the logo at the top of each of the posts for this series. Then I'll talk about one of the products listed above and any experiences I or my family have had with that product. I haven't tried all the products since I don't need all the products. If I haven't tried the product I'll try to find stories from others who are using Reliv to share with you.

My goal is to share a wonderful product with you! If my blog can do that I'll be super happy!!! If it lets you find something that helps you then I am even happier!!!

I'm going to end on this happy note... Look forward to more informative posts on Reliv!

As always... Thanx for reading my post!
Have a healthy day!

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