Spotlight Review Wednesday: Manga 7~27~2016

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The Legend of Onikirimaru

Onikirimaru Den

A demon boy who lacks horns on his head wields the cursed blade "Onikirimaru," the one weapon that can slay a demon, in a never-ending battle with the demons that haunt Japan during the age of the samurai. Behind the stories of Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hidetsugu, Ishida Mitsunari and the other famous generals of the Japanese civil wars lurk secrets and demons...

An astonishingly deep story about these demons and the sword Onikirimaru! And this also includes the secrets of Onikirimaru's birth, which readers have always wanted to know. The legend of Onikirimaru explains clearly how Onikiri was born, and the hidden secrets of his past. Behold the battle between the darkness of the age of the samurai and Onikirimaru!

My review!!!

So when I went looking this Manga up I got reallllly confuzed... First off... MyAnimeList only lists it using it's Japanese name "Onikirimaru Den" so I went to Crunchyroll where I read it... I'll give a link to that in a moment... I then looked up just "Onikirimaru" on MyAnimeList and viewed all results. I decided since I hadn't found it the first time I would look up the picture from Crunchyroll... Ya... That wasn't so easy. Here is the picture from Crunchyroll...

And here is the image that MyAnimeList has for it...

I'm sure I don't have to point out the problem.... Anyhow... I finally figured it out and so now I can tell you what I think... Yay!!!

First off.... Here is the link to the Manga...

Crunchyroll:The Legend of Onikirimaru

Next I would normally put what they say about it but MyAnimeList used it for their description so there is no need.... I can just get right into what I though!

So it is well drawn... I only read the first 5 chapters for this so I will tell you what I can. I had hoped it would fit in nicely with the Anime that references this but it doesn't. In the anime they really don't seem to have a clue how the sword came about but it was with a human. In the Manga it is "born" with a child who is supposed to be human but is feared more than a demon from the moment it comes into the world... This sword gets given to a demon in the Anime but in the Manga it is used by the child who really is a grown man from the moment of "birth"... And that child uses it to kill demons.

Ya see what I mean by they don't fit together... That was a bit disappointing but it was a good manga so I didn't mind reading it even with all the differences!

OK... Now time to rate it

On a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being a "perfect-must-read" rating I give this...
I gave it a 6 only because of my personal disappointment... If it had matched up even a little bit more it would have been an easy 8... if it told a background that fit totally it would have been an 9.

It really isn't bad so you should check it out! You have to be a premium member to read it though because it got licenced so mangafox doesn't have it up anymore. I looked to see if you could buy it and found that I couldn't find it. If you find it can you let me know where so I can post it as an update? Thanx so much!

Well that is all for this post.... I hope it didn't put you off too much from wanting to read it since it really is a good Manga.

As always... Thanx for reading the review!!!
Have an adventurous and fun filled day!

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