Spotlight Review Wednesday: Manga 4~5~2017

Spotlight Review


Akuma no Hanazono
He is the "Devil", who loves flowers. All girls feel loved when he's around. It was all the same for him until he saw a crying girl that ran into his garden. He thought she was like any other girl, but eventually, she was the prettiest flower he ever saw...

My review!!!

The manga this week could be read on MangaHere

MangaHere: Devil's First Love

There wasn't a summery or description on the page from what I could see at the time of me writing this review. I also was only able to find 1 chapter anywhere! I don't know if this is like a oneshot or if it just isn't translated because I wasn't able to find anything that told me how many chapters there were either. I hope there is more to it thought!

As for the things I was able to read about... The title is very misleading! When I first saw it I though "Oh boy... Another devils manga" but wow was I wrong... It isn't about the literal devil... more like it is a nickname for a young man who loves flowers and pretty things.

From what I can see this manga could go in a lot of different ways if they wrote more of it... But again that is all on the assumption that they didn't write more than one chapter.... And you know what they say about assuming things... Just in case you don't know I'll write it here...

Don't assume things because it makes an ass out of you and me.

Granted it is more to help you remember the spelling of the word but sometimes the saying holds true too!

Anyhow... If we throw the saying out the window... And look at what we have found... I can honestly say that I think it is safe to assume there is only one chapter... Safe but not necessarily true.

However.... Even though I only found one chapter I have to admit I was really interested in the story so I really do hope there is more out there. This is one of those ones that will go on a list that I check to see if there are more chapters every now and then.

And on this note let's move to the final step in the review process...

Time to rate this lively little diddy!

On a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being a "Perfect-Must-Read" rating I give this...
The story was well written, the art was lovely, and the characters were likable... I could easily have given this a 10... If there were more chapters and it didn't feel like it just drops off into nothingness.

But alas it only got a 7... I hope I have peaked your interest as for why it got such a high review... Especially since the only bad thing is really the lack of chapters I could find.. Who knows.. Maybe you will have better luck than me!
Time for me to end this...

As always... Thanx for reading my review!
Have a romantic day!

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