Spotlight Review Wednesday: Manga 4~19~2017

Spotlight Review


In order to remember his forgotten dreams, love, and self, Natsume Kanade, a high school teacher suffering from amnesia, is suddenly visited by a strange man with dark-rimmed glasses who claims to be "God."

Natsume Kanade wakes up with a terrible headache from the day before. Wait, what happened yesterday? More importantly, who is he? And who is the the guy with dark-rimmed glasses bossing him around to prepare for school...as a teacher?!

Why does everyone know what happened yesterday!?

My review!!!

The manga this week could be read on Crunchyroll...

Crunchyroll: ReCollection

So Yeah... This one... It was definitely interesting... The whole three volumes I could find... And from what I can see there is nothing saying how many there actually are... But there is more on the volumes later... First let me tell you a bit about the three I did read!

So Basically the summery does explain this one to a tee so to speak... It didn't even have time to stray from that story explanation... The only real twist to it was the situations he gets himself into while trying to remember what he has forgotten!

Amnesia has to be a pain in the butt for anyone... But a teacher??? Oh god how would you handle that... And what the heck happened to make him forget his entire life... Or most of it anyhow. He keeps getting pains in his head as he starts to remember... What is up with that?

Unfortunately it is possible we will never have the answers that this amazing manga leaves us with. There is a rumor... Yes I said RUMOR... That the mangaka who wrote this one had said that when she finished working on another project she was no longer going to do any more manga projects or finish up any she had already started... That project was 'Orange' and as of right now I don't know if it is finished or not. I hope that it is just a rumor and not a fact because I really think this one deserves a better ending.

You don't just drop your work... If you want to end being a mangaka then you should at least give your current works a proper ending... Even if that ending is sloppy, unplanned and rushed. But hay... That is just this manga and anime enthusiasts opinion after all.

But seriously... Think of your fans!

On this note lets rate it!

On a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being a "Perfect-Must-Read" rating I give this...
This has to be the lowest I have ever rated a manga or anime... It saddens me that such a great manga has to be rated this low too! Bit it is like I said... It drops off into nothing with a MAJOR cliffhanger as the last frame... And it has been this way for YEARS! Yup... YEARS!!!

I honestly wonder if it was one of those manga that start out amazing and something happens in the mangaka's life that makes them and the publicist forget the manga ever existed... I wonder if we all wrote and asked for more chapters would we get anywhere? Just something for us to think about!

So if you are wondering what kind of a manga gets such high praise but only rates at a three... And you also don't mind being left craving for more when you know there is likely no way you are ever going to fill that craving... This one is a good read for you!

I'm seriously disappointed right now so I think I am going to go bury myself in a Yaoi or something... Need me some manga love LOL.

As always... Thanx for reading my review... Sorry this one wasn't better!
Hope you have a better day than this manga had!

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