Keeping in touch..... All of the posts from 2007

Keeping in touch....
ok so I decided to keep this blog to help me and my friend Sayuri keep in touch. She’s this awesome person I met as a pen-pal. I have learned a lot about Japan from her. So anyhow, It’s easier to write a blog than it is to write a letter sometimes. It doesn't bother me that other people will read this since that is another chance to make a friend. I got this blog site from Sayuri since she already has one here. Just another cool thing she taught me about! now we will be able to talk whenever something is happening instead of waiting for letters to know what is going on. blogs are really cool things sometimes! plus if I really want to I can practice my Japanese here and she will be able to correct me on here too.

Sayuri gave me a Japanese name (Maiko) and I think that is the one I am gonna use on here. well I gatta run now so I will talk to you latter everyone!


today I am in a sad mood...I miss my friends and family. we are not as close as we used to be so it is hard to deal with sometimes. I love having the friends that I have left though. I am trying to keep myself busy so it doesn't have time to bother me but that is hard since I don't work and don't go anywhere really. There are a few people I talk to still like my good friend Sayuri and Katie. sometimes I talk to others but it is not that often. They say there is a price to everything.... was this the price to moving where I did? when I lived in Lawrence I talked to everyone in my family all the time...now I might talk to them once every 2 or 3 months. it makes me sad. Sayuri thank you for always being my friend...you mean a lot to me! you are my sister in Japan! I’ll talk to you later! and I’ll talk to everyone else whenever.



Sorry it has been so long since I wrote... the thing is I have been remodeling part of my house! When it is all done I will have a new pantry and a new kitchen!! I can't wait!
My son started school yesterday! He is in the fourth grade now! It seems like yesterday he was just going into preschool and now he is all grown up.... I guess you can say I am having the typical mother's hard time in dealing with their kids growing up. Oh well I'll get over it I guess!
I have been thinking a lot and realized that the major reason I can't seem to get the hang of talking in Japanese is because I don't practice it with anyone. I don't write it as often anymore either. I think if I am ever going to master the language I need to figure out a way to do these things. What I think I am going to do is to start relearning the language by replacing words in my blogs with the Japanese ones. I can work on the order they are supposed to go in later. Right now I need to get used to using them again!
who would have thought that I would be so out of practice but the truth is that I had no way to stay in practice. This will at least give me writing practice and maybe after a while I will figure out how to get practice in speaking as well. I think I will start this on my next blog! Wish me luck on relearning this way... I don't know if it has ever been done this way so I need all the luck I can get!

I guess I will talk to you later since I have run out of things to write at this time. Bye-Bye!

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  1. hi hi!
    I read your comment on my blog and got here! I'm really happy that you are here and I can talk with you at anytime we like :D

    Of course I will help you with your Japanese. And I always learn English from you. Ask anything about "How to say in Japanese."