crazy life... EEG, new bed, new room!

It's been a while since I have written.. things are hectic here. Rosa had an EEG a few weeks ago. My poor baby! They are supposed to stay on for 48 hrs. but since it was a Friday when they put it on her they would not be open again until Monday to take it off. At first I didn't think anything bad about this. It tool them 45 minutes to put all the electrodes, tape, and goop on her then another 10 minutes to wrap her head so it would all stay on. It was an hour of torture! When they were all done we were sent home and she slept most of the way so I guess that was a good thing. During the weekend Rosalina managed to knock all thier hard work off at one point or another. Liethana wanted to pull it all off (so did I lol) and to top it all off I couldn't hold her cause the smell coming from the setup was so bad it was making me have asthma attacks!!! So not only was she confused about why she had this thing on her head she was upset cause I wasn't able to care for her!

So finally its Monday morning and our appointment was at 2:30 that afternoon. We decided we were not waiting cause there were electrons that were already off. So we called up children's hospital and they said it should be fine and to come down to remove it. All I could think was yay! When we were there they were confused on why we were early but took us anyhow. And that was awful too... they had to pull all the tape off and it was pulling up skin! My poor baby girl was screaming and there was nothing I could do about it!

In the end poor Rosalina ended up being afraid to lay back for anything. She couldn't lay back without being scared. Even trying to eat was difficult cause she was so scared she would gulp more air than she would eat food. There have been many upset bellies since the EEG.

Now Rosalina is back to her old self again though she still doesn't want to lay down and sleep... but has gotten over the fear of laying back to eat so her belly is doing much better. We got all the sticky residue from the tape off and she is back to smelling like she is supposed to.

Liethana delt with all this very well. She gave her sister lots of support as only a one year old can... using silent love. Rosalina got more kisses and hugs in that one weekend than she has in the first 3 months of her life! It was quite cute.

Right now we are all settling in to a routine. I try to plan my days anticipating when Rosalina is going to have another wonder week. Liethana is finally done them I believe so it should get better from this point on for her. No more huge changes in how the world is perceived.

Though she has no more huge changes in how things are perceived she has a HUGE change going on for her. My lil angel is now in a toddler bed. unfortunatly this is the second night in it and she managed to fall out of it (with me sitting right there too) and gave herself quite a scare. she is back in it to sleep and i have a blanket and pillows on the floor next to it incase she falls again. we are going to get a rail for it this weekend so she will no longer have to worry. other than that things are going good for her.

Anthony is finnally in his downstairs room. He has been wanting this for so long now and is happy about it though he still wants the rug we promised him... and the new bed. after we get the rail for Liethana I am going to save up to get him the bed. It might be a few months cause I have a car payment to make but it will be soon.

I think this is everything I can write without waking Rosalina who is in the same room as my computer so it is time for bed for me. talk to you all soon.

here are some pics of rosa when she had the EEG on...

and theses are what her head looked like after they took it off... my poor baby!


update for you all!!!

Well... here we are almost 2 full months after Rosalina was born and life is starting to settle into a pattern. It's hectic and crazy... I can say, however, that it has gotten sooooo much better since grandma Charlene started taking the girls sometimes. The hardest thing I am finding is that I have to balance the old an the new... gatta find time to spend with the older kids and still take care of the newest baby who still demands a LOT of time.

Sooooo here is what is new with us... Liethana has started having night terrors lately... we have no idea why. I have an opinion though. I think she is unsure of her place and doesn't know how to deal with it and this is just how it is coming out. I am just going to spend extra time soothing her when she has a bad night and when its day time I am going to try to find time for just us. Another possible cause is that her body is using the night terrors to deal with the pain from her teeth coming in. It seems like she has worse nights when she is cutting teeth. That could also just be the teeth making the terrors worse though. Who knows how the mind processes pain when we are that young. I'm hoping that my plan for more time helps.

I need to make time for my son as well... he is such a big help to me. He acts like a lil man and sometimes its hard to remember he is still a kid. He is getting so big now. This weekend we are supposed to work on getting him into his new room. He told me he doesn't want to wait till we can fix it up so its perfect... he wants to move in ASAP lol. He's not demanding my time like I thought he would. Instead he asked for 2 things to happen. 1 was to go to the timeshare we own and 2 was to go to a movie with me before school starts again. We have a weekend planned for the timeshare and I am trying to find a movie we both will like for sometime this week. It only seems fair to at least try to give him those anyhow. We shall see what will come of it.



Do you ever stop and wonder about nightmares? Tonight my thoughts wander in that direction. I remember having some major bad dreams when I was younger. I have no idea what causes a bad dream but I think it is every parents hope to have there kids NOT have them.
If I think back to how my son Anthony had them I can only remember being 16 and having no clue what to do for him. My loving, wonderful,amazing mom was the one to handle his bad dreams.
Now my daughter Liethana is plagued by them and I think back to how my mom handled Anthony's nightmares and I try to do as she would have. I am far from good at this part of the parenting world.
Tonight Lieth had a REALLY bad dream and when I went in she was screaming bloody-murder. I thought she was awake cause she was standing up in bed... Oh how wrong I was!!! When I picked her up to hug and comfort her she started wailing at the top of her lungs like I was trying to kill her! It was then that I noticed her eyes were closed. I put her down and she screamed worse... which I didn't think was even possible! Instead of picking her up again I started rubbing her back and telling her I was here and she needed to open her eyes. And let me just say... what a relief when she did! She was alert and responsive again instead of just flailing around scared. Her dream was bad enough that she started shaking. I wasn't sure she was fully awake so I just rubbed her back for a while and then when I picked her up again I started humming to her. It was a very emotional moment for the both of us. I felt such relief that she was ok again.
It was so scary to think that she was asleep when I first picked her up because I remember being told that if someone is sleep walking and u wake them up u could kill them from shock or something like that. What she was doing was so similar that I was afraid it was the same thing.
Now she is back in bed sleeping peacefully and all I can think is wow my poor baby. Hopefully we can put a stop to these nightmares and she can be ok again all the time when sleeping.
I also hope that little Rosalina doesn't go through this. But I also know that if she does then I am that much better prepared for it