New Revalations!

I recently found out that my neice also has a blog on here. I am so excited to be able to see how her and her family are doing. They live in Texas so I never see them. I think this is the first time in forever I have seen pic's of them lol. Amy the girls are beautiful and I LOVE Ava in her hat!

Soooooo, now that I know that she has a blog too I have decided to try again to keep up with this. I now have 2 reasons to post...though the first one turned out to be kinda weak lol. My pen pal and I keep in touch but it is so random that neither of us were keeping up with our blogs. I have to agree blogging is one of the wonderful ways to keep in touch with family that is far away.

Now that I am going to try to actually keep up with this...though I have no idea how often I'll be able to write...I think it is time to update lol.

Anthony is now 12...and he is going through that I wanna do what I wanna do stage where they are constantly rolling there eyes at everything you say and giving you attitude if you say something against something they have said....well that is where he is in life lol. He thinks I say things to annoy him (I thought the same thing at his age lol) and that can't possibly be saying it cause it's true lol. He'll get over it someday lol. I also have a daughter named Liethana (born June 24th 2009) ...ya I know...hard to say...it is said like this... Lee-a-thana. I hope that helps lol. She is just a lil ball of energy and smiles and giggles lol. I lucked out with a happy baby. Every day is something new with her. She has started to say words...Wow, oww, dada, and buba (bottle lol) are her arsonal hehe. she said mama once but untill she is saying it regularly I am not counting it. I encoraged dada first since she is shawns first born. Plus...Anthony said mama first hehe. Now I have another child on the way. This one is due June 26th this year...I have no idea if it is a girl or boy yet, but if it is a boy we already have the name.... Christopher Charles Robin. Have you ever seen winny the pooh...you know the cute cartoon about the bear that is stuffed with fluff and is the best friend of a young boy. pooh lives in the hundred acer wood...well the friend is christopher robin...purfect since I LOVED that cartoon as a kid...hehe. Now I have a legitimate reason to use the full name lol. I love that I have this last name now lol.

So that is all I have time to write at the momment since Liethana just woke up. I'll talk to you all soon-ish hehe.

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