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October's Spotlight Review List!



10-12-2016................................Tokyo Ghoul
10-26-2016.............Asthetica of a Rogue Hero


10-5-2016.................................Ao Haru Ride
10-19-2016......................Koisuru Harinezumi


So Much To Think About......

Have you ever noticed how sometimes when you change one aspect of your life the rest of it seems to go all wonky???

This is what is happening with me at the moment! I have to figure this all out soon too or my YouTube career is over before it even starts!

Not that I'm doing it for the money... I really just like doing the videos so I do... But adding filming into an already packed schedule is not an easy task!

Ya i know... why not just video the things I'm doing on the packed schedule then? Because it's super boring!!! I do the same thing every day for the most part and It would be no good to put 50-million videos out where I do nothing but the same thing!

So there are going to be times where the videos are going to be talk time ones... Or they may follow me through a walk while I rant... And they could even be videos of fun things I do with my kids! I don't know how they will go yet... And if no one wants to watch them then that is cool with me... I have a purpose in doing them and it's not just for the YouTube viewers!

 Did you ever stop to think how this could be a new form of family history??? It's a video diary in a way... Your children would get to see parts of you that they miss or forgot about! not to mention seeing parts of themselves!

Instead of trying despratly to remember how you dressed or what you were like when they were little they can just watch your channel! And when you pass away those videos will be so important to them.

Not to mention that if your videos help others or are interesting to others them it is a double win!

And... If by some twist and the hand of fate allows you to make a lot of money YouTube has a way to give that money to one child. It's kind of like an insurance on insurance... But only if you make it big.

So I mean.... there are a lot of good points to doing these videos even though I don't always think about them... I'm sure there are even more than these but I can't really think of them right now!

Even though there are those great reasons... It doesn't mean life as you know it doesn't get all kinds of crazy! I mean think about it... The average person has to work, take care of kids and/or pets, and let's not forget most people have a social life that they aren't planning on recording! Add in hobbies other than making YouTube videos and it's amazing anyone really does this at all!

But that's the thing... We are always changing and evolving and managing to cram even more things into an already packed schedule... I'll adapt to having this craziness we call YouTube as part of my life's activities just as so many others have... And eventually I'm sure I wouldn't be able to imagine my life without it!

For now I'm going to keep learning and keep trying... And see where this wonky life of mine goes for here!

And with this wonderful not I think I will end the post here... I'll share more videos from our YouTube family again soon... Bur for now... I thought this would be good!

As always... Thanx for reading what I post!
Have a WONKY day!


Spotlight Review Wednesday: Anime 9~28~2016

Spotlight Review



Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai

Keima Katsuragi, known online as the legendary "God of Conquest," can conquer any girl's heart—in dating sim games, at least. In reality, he opts for the two-dimensional world of gaming over real life because he is an unhealthily obsessed otaku of galge games (a type of Japanese video game centered on interactions with attractive girls).

When he arrogantly accepts an anonymous offer to prove his supremacy at dating sim games, Keima is misled into aiding a naïve and impish demon from hell named Elucia "Elsie" de Lute Ima with her mission: retrieving runaway evil spirits who have escaped from hell and scattered themselves throughout the human world. Keima discovers that the only way to capture these spirits is to conquer what he hates the most: the unpredictable hearts of three-dimensional girls! Shackled to Elsie via a deadly collar, Keima now has his title of "God of Conquest" put to the ultimate test as he is forced to navigate through the hearts of a multitude of real-life girls.

My review!!!

The Anime can be watched on Crunchyroll...

Here is what they have to say about the show...

About the Show

Keima, a high school student, is an avid player of romantic simulation games. He is known on the Internet as the "Divine Capturer" for his legendary skills to "capture" any 2D girl in games. In his real school life, Keima is considered nothing but a gloomy geek with thick glasses

So as you can see from reading the descriptions here this is not quite what you would expect after reading the title... Here we have Keima...

Yup that is our stud-muffin! LOL... Anyhow... Here we have this kid Keima who is only interested in game girls... And by game girls I mean girls in the dating sim games... Not living... That kind of thing. It's a shame too... That is... Until he gets a message from someone and accepts the challenge within that message... Only to find out it was not what it seemed!

Keima had titled himself "The God of Conquest" or "Divine Capturer" in his game world... And that caught the attention of a demon on a hunt for loose souls in his area. A contract unknowingly signed still needs to be filled!

The best part I can see is that he has to do exactly what he does in his games... Win over the heart of every girl that is possessed by a loose soul... sounds easy right?

Here we see Keima with some of the girls he has to win the hearts of... Except the girl with the pink scarf like thing.. That's his demon buddy(?) who will die with him if he fails his contract... Talk about being stuck between a rock an a hard place!

You see... Keima... Well he isn't very good with girls lol... Go figure right!

Now if you are like me and have watched a lot of movies in your day... You might have thought Keima's uniform resembled something you had seen before but couldn't place... Let me enlighten you to what it probably was...

Look familiar now???

That's probably where they got their inspiration from... If you think about it... Austin wins the heart of women all the time... All be it in a very odd way... And here we have Keima... doing the same thing basically... His "mojo" is his games... kinda cool if you think about it!

Anyway I really did enjoy this one... So much so that I plan on watching the other seasons after I finish this one... Now it's time... Let's rate this bad boy!

On a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being a "perfect-must-Watch" rating I give this...
That's right... 9... It was cute and funny and made you wonder how the author/artist came up with each "type" of girl and the scenario that would ultimately win their hearts over!

I hope this little sneak peek made you want to check it out for yourself!

As always... Thanx for reading my blog!
Have a wonderfully romantic day!


Keeping on track... Your ways to remember!

Oh my... Life... Or I should say my digital life is starting to get a bit complicated... I have an idea of how I should go about doing the YouTube videos... There is still a LOT of tweaking I need to do for it to work right though. Here are some of those things

  • I have to figure out how to do things with free programs that will make my videos better... 
  • I need to save up money to buy those programs because I really do like them.. 
  • I have to find the balance needed to keep up with my blog and still make the videos without them being boring!
I know three things doesn't seem like a lot but those are the general descriptions. There are a lot of little steps needed to make those happen and a LOT of planning.
 It's hard finding the time to get everything done... What time should I start filming on a filming day? How long should each clip be? Should I actually start cutting each clip or keep it with the bloopers in it? Will it take too much time to re-shoot it???

Thankfully I have a list to help keep me mostly on track!
This doesn't mean I will stay on track but it should help... There are lots of things that people do that help them stay on track... The best one that I have is lists and digital reminders... But there are other things that you can use too! There are calendars and datebooks, alarms and verbal reminders from other people... Just to name a few. I can't really think of any others right now though I'm sure they are out there.... If you use a method I didn't mention can you comment it for others to get more ideas?

Thanx a ton!!!

Once you have a plan and have set reminders to help you stick to that plan you are almost there... The last and probably hardest part of organizing any kind of plan is actually sticking to it!

Don't get me wrong... I know that there are going to be hiccups and bumps that throw everything off but It's not the end of the world... Before you start to execute your plan you need to make sure there is enough room to accommodate if something went wrong with every single step... At least that is what I'm doing... This way I don't have to worry.

For me... The stress of having a plan and it falling apart is too much! I'm sure there are others out there who feel like that too... So I plan for the worst and enjoy the extra time if it all goes good!

These are the ways I keep myself on track... I hope some of it was helpful to someone!

As always... Thanx for reading what I post!
Have a timely day!


Story Time..... Part 2

Sneak Peek 2

Now Professor Black was very confused. Henry's cheeks were turning pink! It was thought to be impossible for an Ice Elf to blush like a human. 'Is this due to the potion too???' Her mouth dropped open a little. "Are you ok? Your turning pink. Are you getting sick?" She reached her hand out to feel his forehead but he reached up and stopped her. "I'm fine, just a little embarrassed." Henry let go of her hand and looked away. After composing himself Henry signed the letter and watched as it disappeared again. He got up and went to his desk to find something to pass the time since he was not sure what to say. Finding nothing he decided to try to start a casual conversation.

"I don't know if you can answer this yet or not but if you can I would greatly appreciate it." he started. after a few moments of thought he continued. "Why... why did you think I was sick?" He tipped his head slightly to the side as he always did when he really didn't understand something. 'He still has that habit I see.' Professor black thought. "It's because it is not something I have ever heard of happening. No one has ever documented an Ice Elf turning pink in the face for any reason. The humans call it blushing right?"

"Yes they do. Wait are you telling me we don't blush? If that is true then why do I?" Henry thought this must be part of the memories he wasn't allowed to remember. He also thought that it was a memory that no one would be upset she told him about. Before his sister could answer the paper lit up again and they got their response. Henry let his sister read the letter first. Then when he read it a slow smile crept across his face.

        Dear Mr. Hazelton,
                                   I can see that you're speaking the truth. It has been decided that 
                       you are indeed ready to know your past. Once you speak the following 
                       spell out loud you will remember everything. To prevent an eruption of 
                       power within you the spell will slowly release it over time. I hope this 
                       will not inconvenience your sister any. Best of luck. 

                                                                                                 Minister of Magic, 
                                                                                                                Marcus Dint

Once he read it the page lit up again but this time it wasn't blank. It was displaying the spell all alone. Because Henry didn't know if this would disappear after he read it he had Professor Black read it first. This way it wouldn't matter if he couldn't remember it correctly. She could help him. When she was done reading it she handed it back to him and said "It's not a spell I have ever heard of. Then again, this is not a normal situation either." and smiled reassuringly. Henry looked at the paper and decided now was as good a time as any. "I'm going to read it out loud now. Correct me if I'm doing it wrong please." he said with a nervous smile.

zemlan dalrith venmas

Henry slowly and clearly spoke the three words which promptly disappeared as he finished saying them. He waited to see if something was going to happen. "Did I do it wrong?" He said out loud to Professor Black. When she didn't answer he turned and looked at her. She was frozen in time with a look or pride on her face as she looked at him. 'ok, this is weird. What do I do now?' He stood up and put the paper on the desk. As soon as it left his hands he felt a sharp pain in his head. It was so strong it blinded him and he fell to the ground and screamed.

Professor Black Listened as her brother spoke his first spell in 22 years. She was so proud of him. Then in the blink of an eye he was gone from in front of her and was over by the desk screaming. 'Oh no, the room isn't soundproofed!' Quickly she unlocked the door to the study in case someone came running and she ran to her brother. It was a good thing she did that because as soon as she reached Henry's side the rest of the family burst through the door. In another blink of an eye everyone was yelling and asking what happened, was he ok, and Esme was trying to find out what his symptoms were to report to an ambulance. In all the chaos Professor Black managed to grab the paper off the desk and hide it in her pocket without anyone noticing.

Over the next hour Esme managed to get a basic outline of what had happened. After hearing it all she wanted Henry to see a doctor but he refused. 'I'm starting to remember things. If I go to a doctor they might screw it up!' was all he could think. In the end Esme got him up to bed and attributed the collapse to lack of sleep. Due to the days' events everything was put off for a day. Professor Black knew the girls would not be whole heartedly present when getting their supplies so there really was no point in going until Henry was better. That night dinner was eaten in silence and everyone went to bed early.

Morning came and it seemed everyone was up to greet the sun. That is, everyone except for Henry. While Esme was sitting by his side, everyone else came to join her.

"Mom..." Lieth wasn't sure what to say. "It's going to be ok..." Rosa chimed in. Esme smiled at them to reassure them even though she was very worried. Mia sighed. "I'm sure there is a reason for this. I'm also sure he will be ok. His color is better than it was yesterday. He no longer looks like a sheet and is almost back to his normal pale complexion." She walked over and took her father's other hand and sat on the edge of the bed. Professor Black stood back from them and watched silently. 'They really do love him. I don't think love looks like this when it's between two Ice Elves.' She was fascinated.

Just then she noticed sparks coming from Mia's hand and going into Henry's. Not the kind that would hurt but more like she was trying to summon him into consciousness. Almost as if her realizing this gave the sparks true power Henry opened his eyes slowly. "Dad!!" Mia cried as she jumped up and hugged him. Esme opened her eyes and you could see tears welling up as she asked "How are you feeling darling? Do you know where you are?"

Henry looked around. "I'm in our room right? I thought I was in my study with..." His voice trailed off. He looked around the room and searched for the person he was thinking of. "Gods it was... It was really real?" He seemed like he was trying desperately to grasp something while looking at Professor Black. Esme looked from one to the other and back again. "Was what real hunny?" She was getting worried but it seemed Henry wasn't paying any attention to her at the moment. He was completely focused on the Professor who just stood there waiting, not saying a word."Esmeralda... are you really hear?"

Henry asked as tears started flowing freely from his eyes. He then Looked around the room. "Or are you a dream of what I wish could happen. Perhaps a ghost? Tell me please... are you real?" This little speech had everyone confused except for the Professor. "Rest now Henry. We Will talk later." and with one last glance over her shoulder, she left and went back to her room. As everyone sat or stood there in confused silence Henry slipped back into dream world.


This is the second sneak peek into the book I am writing... I really hope you like it...
If you missed the first one you can find it linked below.

As always... Thanx for reading what I've shared!!!
Have a great day!


Spotlight Review Wednesday: Manga 9~21~2016

Spotlight Review


The class president has a little secret she's keeping from everyone in her high school. As President of the Student Council, the overachieving feminist Misaki really socks it to the guys in an attempt to make the former all-boys' school attract a more female student body. But what will she do when the most awesome boy in class finds out Misaki's part-time job is in a maid café?! It's love at first fight in this shojo romantic comedy—with a whole new look at the battle between the genres!

My review!!!

The manga this week can be found on MangaPark...

MangaPark: Kaichou wa Maid-sama!

This manga is also an anime... I'm not going to review them separate as of right now... Bit that may change in the future! For now here is the AnimeList address for you...

Now to get down to the nitty-gritty as they say!

When I first started reading this one I thought it was kind of boring... There was a student council president who was uptight and a lot of slackers she yelled at... The saving grace was that she was a complete brute! All the boys... Except one... Were scared of her!

Don't get me wrong... I'm not hating on her... She had a very good reason to be like this... But if you don't already know the reason you are going to have to watch or read the story to figure it out because I'm not spilling those beans! But even I have to say it was justified...

This is our happy little ball of sunshine if you're wondering... Though she doesn't really look it in this picture now does she??? Hmmmmm.......

Moving on!

At one point in the first 5 chapters she gets a kiss from this young man...

Oh don't "EH?" me young man... You know you kissed her! Anyhow... She becomes all flustered and he realizes it so he does something to make her feel differently... This....

OK... Lets address this picture shall we??? First off that is Misaki in the background... Second yes he is kissing a boy... And third yes this is a picture from the anime.... But it really happens in the manga so I figured it wouldn't hurt to use this picture!

So ya... That's a thing.. And she totally gets the wrong impression from it... Kinda... I think it was almost what he wanted her to thing... Just not the part about it being ok with everyone... More like he wants her to think "It's no big deal" but ya... This is Misaki we are talking about here... You'll understand if you read or watch it...

OK... Now time to rate it

On a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being a "perfect-must-read" rating I give this...
It's cute and playful starting right away... It just takes a few to get the grasp of how the characters fit together... Which for me has always been the case in a great manga!

So just from the little bits and pieces I've told you... How interested are you???
I personally can't wait to read and watch the whole series! It looks like there are going to be a lot more things happening that would be note worthy in a review... I just haven't gotten to them yet!
Gonna stop the post here though.... time to go back to reading!

As always... Thanx for reading my review!
Have an manga-nificent day! get it? Manga hehe
Sorry had to... Catch ya all later!!!


Possible change??? Check it out to see!

No the tittle isn't click-bait!!!

I may actually be making a change.... But I really want to know what you all think about it first. I have been writing a post a day for Monday through Friday for a bit over a year... Sometimes it's super easy... But sometimes it's not so easy. What I want to know is this...

How would you feel about my blog if I only guaranteed some of the posts and the rest were a surprise... Kind of like bonus posts.

I think that for the most part there would still be 5 posts a week but on the off chance that I couldn't think of something to write about on a day where it was blank on my calendar I wouldn't have to worry anymore. I wouldn't change the regular posts... The reviews, music or musing day, the throwbacks and my announcement posts would all still be there... Only the "Fill in the Blanks" posts might change occasionally.

So this...

(Monday is also "Musing madness Random Post" on the off chance I don't have a music I want to share with you all that day!)

Would all stay the same... But those empty boxes on Monday through Friday have the chance of not having a post. I will still let you all know I've posted a blog post through Twitter, Google + and Facebook so you don't have to waste your time looking to see if there is a post.... That is you won't have to if you follow me on any of those.... Then again if you follow me on Blogger then you don't have to worry about missing a post either!

Now that I have explained it the best I can I want to know what you think! Click a choice on the poll that the following link brings you to!

I can't wait to see what everyone has to say about it. I really do appreciate your opinions about the things I ask you all! I feel like I have grown my blog because you have all been amazing people.... You know who you are so I'm not naming names!!!

Right now the majority of the support I get are through other things... Like my Twitter or Facebook... But it makes me feel like there is a point to writing so I wanted you to know I am grateful for the support you give me every time I mention my Blog!

With that being said... I don't want to write less I just want to feel less stressed when I have no idea what to write because it's a Blank Box day... Like today! LOL

The difference is that today I knew what I wanted to write... But Thursday is going to be another Blank Box day... and I have nooooo idea what to write then! That is where I am running into problems.... But I don't want to have all the days filled because then the blog will become soooooo boring that even I will want to sleep while writing it... Forget about reading it!

If I get bored writing it then the quality goes down!

Ya.... Kinda like that!!!


So please take the poll and let me know what you think! You are my audience after all!
OK.... I'm ending this post here because it is getting late and tomorrow I start filming again!

As always... Thanx for reading what I shared!
Have a successful day!


One of those days....

There are a lot of days where I get up and I am in a ton of pain... This is one of those days...I suffer from Fibromyalgia which causes wide spread pain... It has a lot of other symptoms but this is the one I am dealing with today. Ya this picture kind of explains things... It's like a HUGE lightning storm all 

over my skin. I haven't found a picture that explains things any better than this one does! At least not when it comes to the pain and how it would look if you could see it.

Imagine how you would feel waking up every day and wondering before you even open your eyes if your clothing is going to hurt today... That... That is my life!

Well... It's a part of it anyhow... Yet every day I fight through the pain and work to feel better about myself and my life!

And to do that... I do things that make me happy! I started doing YouTube and Blogging and Photography all because they make me happy and while I'm doing them I can forget the pain!

On that note... How many of you have looked at my Photography Blog? Probably not a lot of you... That's OK since I don't update it nearly as often as I do this one... I think I post a photo once in a blue moon... It's not that I don't have a ton of pictures to post though... It's that I'm too picky. =^P

But ya... Somehow we got sidetracked... The reason my Fibro is acting up and causing a lightning storm on my skin is because it is getting colder... You get extremely sensitive to heat, cold or both when you Have fibro... I got "lucky" and only am sensitive to cold. Now that it is fall the nights in the mountains drop to almost freezing though... So the next day I am stiff and in a ton of pain because of the change from freezing to semi warm. I swear that mother nature is having a Bi-Polar fit!

As you can see in the immage to the left it is really foggy... this is because the air is colder than the water... At least that is why I think it is... I never stuck my hand in the water to find out for sure  but maybe this year I will... On one of the days there is snow but no ice... Maybe... If that happens again that is. After all... You never know what mother nature has in store for ya!

This is one I took by the way... I know the watermark is distracting but it stops it from being stolen easily... Not that I think any of you would do that... But because I posted it here then it can be searched out on google and taken from there!

Not something I really want to deal with anytime soon. But as you can see it is getting cold here in the mountains... And with the cold comes my pain... So if you read this blog and watch my videos please forgive me for being a LOT less active in the cold!

I'm gonna end this blog here before it starts sounding like a complaining campaign...

As always... Thanx for reading what I share!
Have a peaceful day!


Spotlight Review Wednesday: Anime 9~14~2016

Spotlight Review


Thirteen girls, each with the ability to materialize "Elements" and summon metallic guardians called "Childs" have been brought to Fuuka Academy to battle mysterious creatures called Orphans. Each with a different personality and background, they must decide who they truly care about and why they fight.

My review!!!

The Anime can be watched on AnimeSeasons

AnimeSeasons: Mai-HiME

This one sounded like an odd one.... but it wasn't as odd as I thought it would be. Hime is princess so I originally thought it would be a twisted princess story... but again I was wrong. Mai is indeed special but she wasn't born some rich prissy young lady... In fact, her life has not been easy at all... and in the first few episodes her life is turned even further upside down!

Mai is the older sister we all wish we had! She is caring and kind, easy to talk to and fun to be around! Not to mention she seems like she couldn't turn away from someone in need and that makes her an "angel pretending to be human" in my book!

Just look at her... She looks innocent! But beneath that innocence is a fiery secret! Really fiery! Take a look for yourself if you don't believe me...

Yup... That is her fiery secret... It's her guardian! I don't know how they get to the point where she is looking this calm around him because we have only met him once by the end of the fifth episode. In that one encounter she was terrified!

It didn't help that she wasn't told anything until it was happening and even then she was only given clues to what was going on. I felt really bad for her especially since she almost dies many times in the first 5 episodes. It was almost like she was attracting death!

And lets not forget she has a little brother that she promised her dead mother she would look after. Here he is with her... Isn't he adorable!!!

It's on the very boat in this picture (Yes they are on a boat) that Mai meets another two of the stories Hime... They don't meet on the best of terms though! But that eventually changes... here is a picture of Mai with them!

To find out how they start getting along you will need to watch the anime!

Now it's time to rate it

On a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being a "Perfect-Must-Watch" rating I give this...
There was suspense and mystery, Fighting, a touch of denied romance, and a lot of other things all mixed into one and that is why this got such a high mark! It kept me guessing!

Well I hope you liked the review and are looking forward to the next one!

As always... Thanx for reading my review!
Have a magical day!


One of two has arrived!!!

I know what you are thinking.... What the heck does that mean?!?!?!

A friend of mine heard me saying that I wanted to order a few things online... One was Sake flavor kit kat and the other was a chopstick set... she got both of them for me.

The KitKat just showed up today!!! I am soooo excited to try them!!!

I am going to add them into my Vlog for this week. That way I can share it all with you! Here is a image of them that I posted to instagram...

I didn't unwrap the gift candies yet because I want to do that in the Vlog. I'm really curious about how they are going to taste too! I love ordering things from people who pay attention to the extra details... They didn't have to send extra candies or a crane.. Heck they didn't even have to send a note! But they did... And because they did they made my day!!!

I can't wait to try them so I am going to end this post and shoot the clip for the candy taste test!

As always... Thanx for reading what I post!
Have a tasty day!


Musing... Not Music... Madness Monday!

Lately I haven't really been listening to that many music tracks so it's kinda hard for me to do a music madness Monday post.  Because of that I was not really sure what I should post... Then I thought maybe just a rambling post would be fun.... Decisions decisions decisions....

It seemed like I had lots of options but no idea what would really be wanted by the people who read my blog...  So then it hits me...

I have started a new chapter in my life... I've become a YouTube creator... So why not talk a bit about all of that...

Again that was just an option though... Because I have so many things happening on that too... 

Life in general happens on there.... I film one week at a time and see where it leads... Then at the end of the week I cut and edit and do captions or narrations... This can take me FOREVER... But oh my goodness how fun it is!

It'd not like I have a whole lot to film or anything... And I'm pretty sure no one really wants to watch the videos other than my family... But it's fun making them so it really doesn't matter if no one sees them. I feel more like I am making them for me... Kind of like I did when I started this blog stuff... And now there are people all over who find my site.

It's mind blowing when that happens!!!

This blog wouldn't be any less fun even if no one ever looked at it... But it is nice to see that someone likes it other than me! I'm glad you enjoy it!  No one knows what the future will bring... What new chapters are waiting on the next page... Or who will walk into or out of their life the next day... But one thing I'm sure of is that I am happy with where I see my life going and who I see in it...

What more could I ask for?

And if there was one thing I could tell anyone reading this... One small piece of advice from a no one like me... I think you should be sure you are happy with where you are headed. And if you aren't then you should do what ever you have to in order to get where you will be happy.

Because being happy is what life is all about... Happy with you.. Happy with others... Happy with your choices... Just being Happy... And if you can do that... I'd say you're going in the right direction!

Well I think I have rambled a lot now... It's time to wrap it all up!

As always... Thanx for reading what I post! Sorry it wasn't music today!
Have a Happy day!


Spotlight Review Wednesday: Manga 9~7~2016

Spotlight Review


Onani Master Kurosawa


Kakeru Kurosawa is an antisocial junior high school student. He rarely associates with his classmates, and he looks down on them. But this behavior is topped off by a certain bad habit, his closely guarded secret: every day after school, he sneaks in to the rarely used girls' toilet on the 3rd floor and masturbates in a stall.

Kakeru's shadowy routine remains undisturbed until one day, when a diminutive girl from his class, Aya Kitahara, almost discovers him. Their meeting begins a coming-of-age story dealing with blackmail, bullying, revenge, heartbreak and ultimately, redemption.

My review!!!

The manga this week can be found on MangaHere...

MangaHere: Onani Master Kurosawa

Ya this image was the first one I saw when I started reading the mandatory 5 chapters I need to read for a proper review... Though it is true that some Manga take more than 5 to really start getting a clue as to what it is about... This one was not one of those. It became obvious that we were following Kakeru Kurosawa as he went through a sketchy routine every day... However what wasn't clear was how it was anything other than watching this young man "gettin it on" with imaginary partners...
Until chapter 5 that is.

We had met her before... Enter young Aya Kitahara! For reasons unknown to Kakeru, he feels like he must take revenge on Aya's tormentors... So he does it in the only style he knows... Pervertedly!

And lets face it... He spends a lot of the first 5 chapters looking like a pervert...

Those shadows around his eyes... Ya we almost never see him without them... which gives him a dark aura... and his thoughts are always about what girls to masturbate to... So he is pretty sketchy.

But he does try to help Aya since he noticed she is being bullied so that is a plus... I really can't figure out if I should hate or love this kid yet... I will have to read more to know for sure!

OK... Now time to rate it

On a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being a "perfect-must-read" rating I give this...
I'm so curious about how he deals with other situations that will come up... Especially since he has not been discovered yet... This means that he has been getting away with all this "play" in the girls bathroom but no one knows... The descriptions all say he gets caught so I want to know who catches him and how he deals with that as well as if it makes him change his ways.

That is the reason this Manga got such a good grade... There is that want to know factor that catches hold of you and doesn't let go! For this one it is "What perverted things he will manage to imagine?" or "How he will deal with stuff?"... for other manga it is "Will they get together?".... and some still it's "Will they live?" That catch factor, no matter what it is for you, makes the manga worth reading even if your brain is saying "OMG this is horrible!!!" and you want to put it down... That catch factor won't let you! So hats off to the creator of this manga because they got me!

I'm gonna end this review here... Otherwise I may end up in a "Lecture" about catch factors!!!

As always... Thanx for reading my review!
Have an imaginative day!


Digital life..... what it is and how I got one!!!

What is a Digital life?

In my opinion a Digital Life is you on Facebook, Instagram, tumbler, Blogger, Twitter, or any of those social media things we all seem to have plugged onto our phones and tablets. I mean... Come on... Let's face it.... Everyone has a Digital Life now-a-days!

That is...
Unless you live in a cave or are just too young to plug in.

Some people have no problem handling the vast amount of social media that is out there... But me... Not so much anymore! It was easy when I only posted things when I wanted to... But if you put it in a different context here is what happens...

Starting from the moment you put a schedule to it you start to feel like it's a job... Good or bad doesn't matter... Want to or not doesn't matter... You have Blog post to get up or schedule... Maybe you even have a video to release. At first the only thing that changes is that you put things in a schedule. You still put the same type of tweets out or talk about the same things on your Facebook. Step one complete...

Then all of a sudden you need questions for a Q&A section so requests for questions need to go out on tweets and other media... You realize that trip or party you planned to go to might make a nice thing to Vlog or Blog...So a camera or your phone camera might be running a lot of the time... Or you might need to take notes or pictures of things you really want to mention so you don't forget.

Everything takes on a new light once you start a Blog or a YouTube channel!

It all becomes just as connected and intricate as your physical life. You gain people called Followers or Subscribers that want to see the things you share. You also get friends who may be other Bloggers, Vloggers, or YouTubers. There may be fights among you and other creators or writers but there might also be visits with people you get along with that you met because they create and write. Some people say it is much like High School and now I can see why.

I never really had to deal with this stuff much on my blog because I never tried to promote it. I figured if someone came across it and liked it they would stick around. I do get views on here but I don't really have followers... I don't know if the people who read these posts of mine ever come back... I have no idea if they like or dislike the things I share or write about because I don't get comments or feedback. Because of that I never really felt like my Blog brought me back to my High School days. And I'm ok with that... Someone out there looks at my blog each time I post something and even though I don't know if it is the same people I am ok because someone is interested even if only for a moment in time! Because of this way of thinking my Twitter, Tumbler and Facebook all stayed separated from my Blogs. 
Then I started a YouTube channel. Ya... That changed things a LOT!!!

 I'm still new to the YouTube scene so my media are not completely connected but slowly I'm finding I'm posting notices to Twitter or Facebook that my videos are coming up or are up already. Just today I posted the first notice to Instagram about my video series I'm creating.

I'm also starting to ask if people would be interesting in me doing specific types of videos for bonus "outside the series" extras. I have gotten a few ideas but I don't know how I'm going to pull them off yet. It's all part of the learning experience though so it's all good.

I'm going to end this Blog by saying...
Right now I'm enjoying posting both Vlogs and Blogs... That is the important part to me!

As always... Thanx for reading what I shared!
Have a happy digital day


September 2016 "Spotlight Review Wednesday" Announcements!!!!

August's Spotlight Review List!




~Mysterious Girlfriend X~

September's Spotlight Review List!



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My throwback... Poetry of yesteryear!

Randomly I will do blast from the past posts... And most of the time those are from our YouTube family but this post is a throwback to something I posted a long time ago that I had taken down because at the time I hated it... I don't really hate it though... I'm just not confident it is any good lol.

Time to put it to the test!!! I want you to grade this poem I wrote on 1-8-12!


Call home...

The leaves are blowing in the wind..
they fly from place to place.
traversing through the open sky...
seems like they're having a race.
each leave is a person..
destination's unknown..
but when they get there..
It's where they'll call home!


Sooooooo... What do you think??? I feel like it kind of describes every person at one point or another in their life… we are all like leaves blowing around in the wind looking for our “Home” and when we get there we are finally happy!

I used to think about life a lot... About where we would all end up and why we met people we met... Or how someone was good to have as part of my life when I was sure they weren't... Somehow it all worked out but who knows how it could have been.

OK... Enough with the deep talk now... It's time for the "Info for you" section!

I was looking back at a lot of the posts I had done (which is why I found the poem) and I realized my earlier ones were mostly really short! So I thought I should do a revamp...

One idea was to keep all the posts but maybe combine them... This way the new posts would be longer but still have the proper dates listed in the individual posts. I'd keep the longer posts as they are, but put the smaller ones together... All of this would be  put as one of the older posts just updated. 

Another idea was that I could combine the posts... Then those would be posted as "Throwbacks" once a month and the posts that are shared again would be deleted... In the throwback post I'd talk about the old post and what I think I was thinking at the time I wrote it. This could backfire so I'm not thinking it'll be the best idea.

The last idea was to leave them mostly as is since they show how I grew in my blogging skills... Maybe add an updated section to each post I change but would unchanged really be better than changed? Will that really fix anything?

I'm doing this because AdSense doesn't like something about my blog and I need them to approve the blog so I can remove it because they don't have any way to remove it from an application. I want AdSense for my YouTube but I screwed up the application and put my blog cause I didn't understand that my YouTube could be considered a webpage. YouTube is YouTube and since I see it mostly through an app on my iPad I didn't connect it until it was a bit too late. Oh well... Lesson learned and now I need to fix it lol.

Well I think this is enough for now... I'm gonna end it here!

As always... Thanx for reading what I share!
Have an amazing day!