The first week...

Here is the pic I promised of Rosalina!

Now to tell you how things are going! The first week has come and gone... so much has changed already... Liethana is soooo jealous of her new lil sister. She doesn't understand why mommy and daddy have to spend so much time caring for what she probably is thinking is a big pain in the but lol. Rosalina is a good baby... she sleeps well.. sometimes too well lol. She is suposed to wake up every 3 hours for food till her jaundice is gone but she wants to sleep for 5 hours at night then she will wake up every 3 after that. The 5 hours starts at around 11 p.m. when I am the most tired and the most likely to sleep through the alarm lol. I can't wait till she is no longer needing to be woken up to eat. It will mean I get some sleep lol.

Liethana went through a few days where she just did NOT want to sleep. It is my opinion that she thought Shawn and I didn't love her anymore and she was afraid we would disapear again (Shawn stayed with me in the hospital) and this time we wouldn't come back. I think she knows we are not going anywhere now... but also that the baby is also not going anywhere eather lol. I don't think she likes that part. We do everything we can to let her know she is still loved just as much as before. I can only hope she will ajust soon since she has taken to having a screaming fit every time she starts getting unhappy... I know she is only a year old but I am beginning to wonder if the "terrible two's" start at age 1 lol.

Anthony is ajusting well to having another lil one around. He unfortunatly has a bad case of Poison Ivy and can't spend time with them really till it is gone... Babies having that is NOT a good idea lol. That is prittymuch everything so far... well everything that is on mymind right now anyhow lol. I'll tell you more when I remember it!

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