already a month!

Boy does time fly! I can't believe that my lil Rosalina is already a month old! So far she has had a lot of issues so it shouldn't surprise me that this much time has gone by. My lil one can't eat formula at the moment. they think she can when she reaches 3 months old but we shall see.

So far I have had MANY days of no sleep due to having Liethana and Rosalina so close in age. When one starts cryin in the middle of the night the other starts up too. Liethana wants to be in my arms every time Rosalina is and that is not always possible so I get to listen to screaming fits. Lucky me right lol. It is all part of being a parent I just keep tellin myself. And then I remind myself that someday soon it will get easier and maybe I can sleep more than an hour a night. Anthony has developed a deaf ear at night where he can now sleep through the fits from them and so has Shawn for the most part. It’s like pullin hens teeth to get him up lol.. though once I do get him up he helps out a lot.

And so this is my life at the moment lol.. We shall see what the next month brings!

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