Thinking things throught....

I've often sat and wondered how I got to where I am now... how I accumulated or lost anything or anyone... truth be told most of the time I can't find an answer. As I sit here right now wondering about life and death and the passing of time I can't help but wonder if when I pass I'll finally be able to say "hay I get it now" or if the connection is never figured out? I suppose you could say it's food for thought right?!? All I know for sure is that life is full of wonder and mystery... questions that you might find the answers to and ones that you will never even scratch the surface of. It's complex and simple all at the same time... so instead of trying to figure it out I say we should just go with the flow.

Yes it's fun to try to figure it out but don't let it control you... look around and enjoy the ride.. cause life is a climb complete with cliffs and jagged rocks... but the view is a wondrous sight to see that is soooo worth it!

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