Time flies... Even if your not having fun...

     So I have decided that no matter what the reason is.. Time flies... Not when your having fun like people think but when your mind is preoccupied with anything that is special or important to you. Time has flown this year.. Since my mom passed away it has felt like a hurricane was whipping me along at a million miles an hour only resting to let me cry over some special day she was missing. And now it has been almost a year... Where has time gone? I miss her so much and wish she was here but will still move on no matter how I feel.. Time stands still for no one.

This is a pic of my mom, my son, and me from left to right... She survived lung cancer only to have it come back in both lungs and eventually claim her. She was and always will be the most amazing person I have ever had or will have the pleasure of knowing! I love you mama!

     My girls may not have had much time to get to know you but I know they loved you very much... They still ask for you. We all miss you mama... But we know your with your mom and happy!

R.I.P. Nancy E. Bardsley
1/3/1941 - 8/30/2012
Loved and never forgotten!

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