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Cheer Danshii
Disheartened with judo, college student Haruki Bando was invited by his childhood friend Kazuma Hashimoto to create "BREAKERS", an unprecedented boys' cheerleading team. Those that came to join all were very characteristic in nature: argumentative Mizoguchi, voracious Ton, frivolous Kansai boys Gen and Ichiro, and Sho who has cheerleading experience.

My review!!!

The Anime can be watched on FUNimation...

Here is what they had to say about it...


Haruki Bandou was born into a family of Judo marital artists and expected to continue the family legacy. But he’s about to trade Judo for…cheerleading?! When his childhood friend Kazuma Hashimoto invites him to join the BREAKERS, a male cheerleading club, Haru finds himself amongst a quirky group of boys. Can this squad of slightly odd and cute members make a breakthrough in college athletics?

So let me just start with WOW... If you like cheerleading then this is an anime for you!

As a former cheerleader I can say they did very good with this one... They teach you bits of cheer knowledge as the episodes go by. I have to say the idea of an all boys squad is an amazing idea! I was young when I cheered but I remember there were NO boys that wanted to do it. This was about 13 or so years ago though so it may have changed since then!

Even so... I think it would have been amazing to see... And the way they came up with the squad's name was great too... Most of the time the squad is named after the team they cheer for but these boys weren't cheering for a team... They were just doing it as a club! That alone is an amazing idea!

Football season standing in the cold winds of fall was not nice in a tiny little skirt! Just sayin!

Anyhow... These boys....

Yes them... They were the start of the whole squad... Well actually the first few episodes were all about them getting the squad together and the fifth one was their debut... They did a routine at the school festival! It rocked and they looked like they were having so much fun too!

Each of these boys has things they want to break through, remake, or overcome... And they all want to break through the bad stereotypes of make cheerleaders! I love that!!! In the first 5 episodes at least two of these young men end up doing just that too! Not telling you who though!

But... Now it's time to rate it

On a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being a "Perfect-Must-Watch" rating I give this...
Yup this one got the elusive 10 out of 10! I feel like no matter how they end it this one will have been so worth the watch! How can you not be happy with guys doing something unusual to destroy stereotypes! Not to mention they have fun with it and you get your slice of life style too.... I feel like there were amazing dynamic to the members and each person brought so much to the squad!

I can't wait to see how this one ends... I am soooo gonna love this! Hope you got curious about this one since it is not a normal idea for an anime... At least not one I have seen yet! Reminds me a bit of how different "Yuri!! On ice" is too... That is another one I can't wait to review! Not next time but someday!
Anyhow... I'm gonna end this one here!

As always.... Thanx for reading my review!
Have a cheery day!

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