Reliv... You're what....

The tittle of this page doesn't really tell you to much... It kind of reminds me of an Anime named ReLIFE that is on Crunchyroll!

This however is not an Anime... It's something that is so good for you I just had to share!

I am a Reliv Independent Distributor!
My Family's RCN: 7668404001

Now I bet the first thing you thought of was... Something like...

"What the heck is Reliv?"

Am I right? well let me tell you a little bit about it!

There are two aspects of Reliv...

For a lot of people it is a chance to redo a lot of things and change things in their lives! This is the first aspect of Reliv. When you become a distributor and you provide people with products that bring their bodies back to healthy you can then use the money you make to change your life.

The other aspect is where you buy the healthy products recommended to you by your distributor.

You can be both... But I warn you that being a distributor takes work! You have to be ready to be a sales person. This is not such an easy thing for me lol.

I have been a distributor for a while... But I have not been the sales person I need to be to make it doing this business.... Sales is just not me but I want to share this product with people!

That's why I'm writing this Reliv page!!!

My family and I use the relive products and know how wonderful they are! Now I want to let others know about the things that Reliv can do for them!

Throughout the page I will have links to videos you should check out.
If at any time you want to become a customer you should go to this first link and be sure to enter my family's RCN under Sponsor RCN. Just in case you didn't notice it listed above... I'll list it here.

Sponsor RCN: 7668404001

Reliv Sign up

The sign up is so that you can order products over the internet. The RCN lets them know I told you about Reliv and Labels me your sponsor. Yes this helps me out a bit...
But probably not how you're thinking.

You see... I get nothing for you signing up.

I do get a small commission on anything you buy but this is not exactly a stable income.... It's more like spare change for me. This is only because I don't do the sales part of the Reliv story! Please feel free to try that side if you want... Just remember it takes work!

Anyway.... Back to sharing things about Reliv with you!

Here is the first Reliv video I ever watched.

For the product list see the following page.

I'll add links to posts I personally write about the products in the following section as they are published to my main blog.

Product Blog Posts


As always... Thanx for reading and watching what I share!
Have a healthy nutritional day!

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