Do you ever stop and wonder about nightmares? Tonight my thoughts wander in that direction. I remember having some major bad dreams when I was younger. I have no idea what causes a bad dream but I think it is every parents hope to have there kids NOT have them.
If I think back to how my son Anthony had them I can only remember being 16 and having no clue what to do for him. My loving, wonderful,amazing mom was the one to handle his bad dreams.
Now my daughter Liethana is plagued by them and I think back to how my mom handled Anthony's nightmares and I try to do as she would have. I am far from good at this part of the parenting world.
Tonight Lieth had a REALLY bad dream and when I went in she was screaming bloody-murder. I thought she was awake cause she was standing up in bed... Oh how wrong I was!!! When I picked her up to hug and comfort her she started wailing at the top of her lungs like I was trying to kill her! It was then that I noticed her eyes were closed. I put her down and she screamed worse... which I didn't think was even possible! Instead of picking her up again I started rubbing her back and telling her I was here and she needed to open her eyes. And let me just say... what a relief when she did! She was alert and responsive again instead of just flailing around scared. Her dream was bad enough that she started shaking. I wasn't sure she was fully awake so I just rubbed her back for a while and then when I picked her up again I started humming to her. It was a very emotional moment for the both of us. I felt such relief that she was ok again.
It was so scary to think that she was asleep when I first picked her up because I remember being told that if someone is sleep walking and u wake them up u could kill them from shock or something like that. What she was doing was so similar that I was afraid it was the same thing.
Now she is back in bed sleeping peacefully and all I can think is wow my poor baby. Hopefully we can put a stop to these nightmares and she can be ok again all the time when sleeping.
I also hope that little Rosalina doesn't go through this. But I also know that if she does then I am that much better prepared for it

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