update for you all!!!

Well... here we are almost 2 full months after Rosalina was born and life is starting to settle into a pattern. It's hectic and crazy... I can say, however, that it has gotten sooooo much better since grandma Charlene started taking the girls sometimes. The hardest thing I am finding is that I have to balance the old an the new... gatta find time to spend with the older kids and still take care of the newest baby who still demands a LOT of time.

Sooooo here is what is new with us... Liethana has started having night terrors lately... we have no idea why. I have an opinion though. I think she is unsure of her place and doesn't know how to deal with it and this is just how it is coming out. I am just going to spend extra time soothing her when she has a bad night and when its day time I am going to try to find time for just us. Another possible cause is that her body is using the night terrors to deal with the pain from her teeth coming in. It seems like she has worse nights when she is cutting teeth. That could also just be the teeth making the terrors worse though. Who knows how the mind processes pain when we are that young. I'm hoping that my plan for more time helps.

I need to make time for my son as well... he is such a big help to me. He acts like a lil man and sometimes its hard to remember he is still a kid. He is getting so big now. This weekend we are supposed to work on getting him into his new room. He told me he doesn't want to wait till we can fix it up so its perfect... he wants to move in ASAP lol. He's not demanding my time like I thought he would. Instead he asked for 2 things to happen. 1 was to go to the timeshare we own and 2 was to go to a movie with me before school starts again. We have a weekend planned for the timeshare and I am trying to find a movie we both will like for sometime this week. It only seems fair to at least try to give him those anyhow. We shall see what will come of it.

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