Just something...

I have started many blogs and never finished them and this bothers me so I figure I will post this one since it is the only one that sounds like it could actually be done!

It's 3 a.m. Saturday morning and I'm awake like always. My girls are finally on the same schedule for waking up. Right now they both have colds so it is a little harder for them to sleep but they are managing well. It's times like these I start thinking. They both rely on me for everything and yet I don't feel like they demand a lot. Don't get me wrong... I have my moments of thinking they are too demanding but in reality they really aren't that bad. Liathana is worse than Rosalina when it comes to being demanding. I think its cause she never had to demand anything the first year of her life... I always just knew what she needed and did it. When Rosa was born it got harder to keep doing that for her so now she demands it. My Rosa on the other hand never had me doing everything she needed right away... she often had to wait a little bit for whatever it was and so she has a LOT more patience.

well that is it...sorry it isn't finished.

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