2011's Combined Posts!

how time flies!!!          2~25~2011

ok so again it has been forever since I have truly written... one of the last few posts was a copy and paste from my phone lol. This one however is the real deal... sooooooo much has happened. Rosalina had a good EEG reading so that was good news..... I don't know if I have said this in a prior post so please forgive me if I am repeating myself!

My lil Liethana is walking and running now... it is so cute! She started walking when we were out at our time share this past summer. I just put her down expecting her to plop to her but and crawl to the other room but instead she took off... just like that! It was great and a lil scarry cause what if she can't figure out how to stop!?!?! Lucky for me she ran to the couch lol. She is almost 2 now... It's insane thinking how fast it has gone. She says a lot of things when she wants to but is suuuuuuper shy with people she doesn't know or hasn't seen in a long time. As for right now her favorite fruit is bananas lol. Ma bought mini ones just for her!

Rosa is now starting to do the "I wanna sit not lay down" thing... fun fun chasing one and makin sure the other doesn't fall back and smack her head on somethin! I can't believe my Rosa is already 7 months old..... where the heck did time go??? She wants more solid foods and wants to take part in everything her sister does too. She isn't as shy as her sister but she is still shy. Sofar her favorite food is Peach Cobler lol... I sware she can't get enough of that stuff lol.

Naps are starting to get on a real schedule which is a great thing cause it gives me time to myself. As for how I am... well I ajust as I need to just like every other mom out there. My kids are me life and that is the way it is suposed to be... I love you Anthony, Liethana, and Rosalina. There isn't a force of any sort, real or made up, that could stop that!!!

so much is happening.....          4~23~2011

My babies are growing up way to fast! It seems like they were only born the other day. Now Liethana is walking, running, talking and just plain growing up. So is Rosalina! She cut her first two teeth so we are in for a few months of fun, i can't wait lol cause then it will be all done with! I HATE teething!!!!!

This blog was originally started a while ago as you can tell, but a lot is still happening. Rosalina is now sitting and trying to walk and Liethana had her first ever dentist appointment. We were informed she still has 2 teeth left to come in. Only 2!!! my baby is gettin so big. I also found out that when your pregnant you NEED to see the dentist at least once cause of how much being pregnant takes out of your teeth. Because I didn't know that I now have had a tooth pulled and have a ton of cavities and need 3 wisdom teeth pulled. They are hoping the one on the side I got pulled will come in and take the place of the tooth they pulled. We shall see. I'm gonna match my daughter lol. Anyhow other than that the kids are doing good.

definitely hit the terrible two's          5~29~2011

Liethana has officially hit the terrible twos and all I can say is OMG!!!!she repeats things to you that you have said to her and it is so funny to hear but so bad too...for example... she was standing on a chair and we told her to sit down. after countless no's I asked does she need a spanking and she said no so I told her that she better sit down then. her reply was great but omg... she tells me... Ok Ok fine, sheesh... just like that.

and I think Rosa is right there with her minus the talkin part. sheesh is my new phrase.

time to go... Rosa hit her head on a chair again... see ya all later

Something is missing...          12~27~2011

Ah, what an irony it is to have everything you ever wanted and yet still feel you are missing something. I have beautiful girls and an awesome son. I have a husband who loves me and a roof over my head. To most people my life would seem a dream come true... but there is something missing... something most people take for granted and is so common it is not possible to point it out. I can't even point it out even though it is not there. hopefully someday I will figure it out and be able to fill the void.

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