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photography          1~3~12

For those of you that didn't know I am now taking a photography course. If you want to see the pics or follow me through my career then here is the site.

There is only one pic on there right now and I am looking for advice or comments on how I did with it. Hope you like!

photography: 1-3-12 was UPDATED 8-24-2016 

There are more pictures on the site now and I have almost finished my course. I have also expanded my area of interest to doing YouTube and this blog has expanded to a lot of things. Please read more current posts if you wish to understand what I mean.

To see my YouTube look here…

To see my Twitter look here…

Thanx for following my blog this far back and hope you like the future posts!

Growing up to fast....          2~27~12

I have come to the realization that children grow up way to fast. My girls are going to be 2 and 3 years old this year, my son just turned 14 yesterday, where has the time gone??? I feel like only yesterday Anthony was learning to ride a bike and now he is wanting to ride it across town. My little boy isn't so little anymore.

The girls are doing the same thing to me... they are so big! They talk like little "big kids" and are starting the whole potty training thing. Not to mention they are both in todler beds. What happened to my babies???

ya I know... kids grow up in what seems like a blink of an eye, and I am having the normal reaction to this agrivating yet wonderful fact. I will go on like normal and they will keep on growing... life doesn't stand still, but still I feel they are growing up to fast to enjoy life.

Saying good-bye         10~26~12

It's time to go, to rest your head.
Your pain will stop in your final bed.
We'll be sad but our hearts will heal.
It's hard to believe this is all real!
The moon at night shone bright,
It was nothing compaired to you.
Somehow you made everything right,
Now the world seems blue.

Mama I miss you,
Your smile and your cheer.
Mama what do I do,
Now that your not here?

I know you'd tell me to raise my chin,
My life is just about to begin.
You'd say you love me,
That's how it would be.

You'd tell me don't morn,
Be happy for my joy.
And I'll know it's true,
It's what you would do.

Knowing your happy,
Is all that I need
I'll still miss you,
But I'm at peace,

I will see you again!

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