Problems and the Future... What you can expect from me!

Hello everyone!!! I know it seems like I'm not really writing much here... To be honest I have been having a really tough few months. Not like that is really new but the things that are making it tough are not the normal things.

You can probably find it in that image... No it's not mine so that is why there is a watermark on it. I've linked to the actual image to get it on here... So if you want to own a copy of this then I believe you can search the number out on shuttershock and purchase it.... But yeah... My problems are all in there somewhere... I'm not going to go into detail on what ones... Let's leave it to your imaginations! Anyhow... That is hopefully over now!

So for what you can expect from this point onward...

I will have my reviews on here like always... But most of my posting will be done on the Vlog-Blog listed in the tabs above. I am feeling like I need to just post about random things that I see on YouTube at the moment... Since that would get my Blog flagged on adsense I'm using the one that's not connected for those random posts.

In adition to reviews I will post the reliv stuff along with random thoughts and interesting stories on here... And let's not forget the random guest post from Danni! I know she doesn't post often but that is what makes it fun!
You never know when she will post or what she will post about!

Basically... There won't be posts every day on this part of my blogs so if you want to know everything I am posting then head on over to the other blogs and follow them for updates. That or follow my Google plus account.

I'm sorry if there is any confusion or aggravation... I don't do well with restrictions so I have found a way around them that doesn't break the rules! I am sooooo grateful to all of you who read my blog and I feel this is the only way to not feel like I'm being fake. Hope you understand!
Well I think I've babbled a bit too much this post... I'll end it here!

As always... Thanx for reading what I share!
Have an amazing and creative day!

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