Something new... Sort of...

OK so we all know I sometimes do "Filler" posts... I was thinking that I have not been writing the best posts lately because I have been sick or had major migraines... Or any of the other reasons that I've had.... So I thought it would be good to write a few filler posts in advance while I was feeling good... No this is not one of them.

Here are some possible topics...

Games I'm playing
Games I've played in the past
Movies I have taken an interest in
Cultural things (Any I find interesting)
Matters of the heart

Yes there are a lot of them lol.... There will probably be others too but these are all that have come to mind right now! I just figure it is better to have a reserve of ideas than to throw something together that is halfhearted at best.

Because I am guilty of doing just that I want to say I'm sorry! I will try to do better in the future!

Going to stop here for today... 

As always... Thanx for reading and for understanding!!!

Have a great day!!!

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