Health and me...

Recently I've been thinking a lot more about health... More specifically my health. 

Let me start of telling you all about my past....

When I lived in Massachusetts I was put on a medicine for anxiety that made my weight skyrocket from 170 lbs. to 250 lbs. in a very short amount of time! I was not happy so they changed the medicine but because I got so depressed they had to add one. 

I had been pregnant 3 times in the past... But... Even when I was pregnant I hadn't gotten this heavy!

The good news was that the new medicine for anxiety didn't  make me gain any more weight but the bad news was that the one for depression did... At my worst I went up to 280 lbs! 

Thankfully they took me off the depression medicine and I went down 30 lbs. and it felt so nice to be losing weight! Then I got stuck! I was on other medicine for Fibromyalgia and asthma as well as for migraines and I just couldn't shed any more weight! It went in like that for years...

Then it all changed!

My life... My weight... My happiness.. Everything!

It started when my husband got a new Job and we had to move to Texas. Even though I was on all the same medicine as when I was in Massachusetts, the heat was enough to kick my body into gear! Once I noticed this I started doing things to help it along.

I started to do the green drink thing... You would be surprised at how good those really are!!! I also started walking around the block at least once a day... Doesn't sound like much but a Texas block is not like a Massachusetts city block! It's more like 3 of them! When you have chronic pain this is a huge workout! But it made me happy and I was getting results... That made it worth it!!!
Then my husbands job had us moving again! This time to New Hampshire... Even more north than the white mountains! Another HUGE change and I couldn't wait to see if I was able to keep this up!

Let me tell you... The first winter... OMG... It was so tough on me! The bone aches and muscle pain were enough I couldn't get out of bed some days. No way was I able to walk like before! I got a bit worried that I would start going backward again... Thankfully I didn't!

Now we are in summer... I finally feel like I can move again... Most of the time anyway! 
Winter did a number on me... My body is back to not wanting to shed pounds... Because of the lack of heat I hurt by the end of each day. But my success hasn't disappeared yet!
I'm currently down to 192.9 lbs. but my goal is to get down to 135... But I'll settle for 150 at this point... I know I have a long way to go and slow is the only way I will do it.. But I'm happy it is happening at all!

To help myself along I am going to start walking a little each warm day because on the cooler days I have trouble walking the house. I am trying to walk around our block which is about the same as the Texas block. This isn't the normal block for this area either... We just happen to be on a looping street so it works out that way. On the days I can't manage to do that walk I am thinking i'll do a short yoga routine! It's low impact so it shouldn't trigger my Fibromyalgia and it is great for your body! I'm also thinking of going back to drinking the green drinks 

All in all I have a plan... Now to see how it goes! I'll leave you now with a few question...

Is there is anything you can suggest I should also try? I would love to hear about it... How do you get in shape or stay in shape???

OK... Time to go!

As always... Thanx for reading my post!
Have a healthy day!

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