Story time.... Part 1

Sneak Peek Part one...

Everyone gathered at the window making sure not to lean on the window sill so the owl had somewhere to land. Lieth let out a loud whistle and they all stood holding their breath waiting. Minutes passed. Lieth turned to her sisters with a confused look on her face. “You try Rosa.” She said. “After all, we read the letter from your envelope. Maybe you need to be the one to call for the owl?” Rosa took a deep breath and let out the loudest longest whistle she had ever done. All three of them scanned the skies. More minutes passed and Mia was starting to think the owl would never come. Slowly her smile was fading. Was this a joke played on all of them or was it just a joke played on her?
Then out of nowhere there was a gust of wind and the girls stood staring at a set of ice blue eyes that looked surprisingly like theirs. They all jumped back making the owl flap its wings in surprise. It didn’t take too long for them to realize that the owl was black and that was why they hadn’t seen it coming. All three girls let out a sigh of relief. This was becoming more real with each passing event.
“Esmeralda?” Rosa said and the owl gave a small hoot. “Hush or you’ll get our parents up here!” Rosa whispered. Since Lieth was holding the cracker she gathered her courage and went over to the owl to give it to her hoping it would make her stay quiet. “I have this for you so you can carry our letter to Professor Black.” She said as she handed the owl the cracker. She wasn’t even sure the owl understood her or if it was normal to talk to the animals.
When Esmeralda was finished eating the cracker she extended her leg. Mia took this to mean give me the letter so she walked over and held out the letter for her to take. The owl grabbed the paper with its talons, turned and left just as suddenly as it had come.
“Wow” Rosa said, and both Mia and Lieth jumped. Giggling a little from all the excitement they all went and sat down. “Well, I guess all we can do now is wait and hope that was the right owl” Lieth said sounding awe struck. Though she was still a little shaken at being so close to such a mysterious creature, she was excited as well. The answer was sent and there was no turning back now. They were on their way to making sense of their lives as long as the Professor was ok with their plan.
Mia spoke for the first time since the owl had arrived. “How could it not be the right owl? It answered to the name we were told to call it and it took the cracker. Then it took the letter when it was done with the cracker. It did everything that we were told it would do.” Rosa smiled “Can you believe it was black? It’s funny how Professor Black has a black owl, don’t you think?” She then added “and did you see the color of its eyes? It was the same as ours!” Lieth smiled “Maybe that is what dictates if you are a witch or wizard. But then dad would be a wizard because we have his eyes.” She thought about this for a moment then asked “When do you think we will get our answer back about if the Professor is ok with our plan?”


Sneak peek Part Two... 

Bright and early the next day, although she was still tired, Professor Black dressed quickly in muggle clothes that she had specially made for occasions like this. Now she was ready for anything. With one last look in the mirror on the wall she changed into her animagus form and flew out to the edge of the lawn. She found her branch in the pine and settled in for a long day of watching. She had no idea when she would know who the descendent was but she did know she had to figure it out and figure out why this person had not told their children about their proud heritage. ‘I just don’t understand’ was the one thing she kept thinking every time she woke up the night before. This was a mystery and it could be dangerous to dig it up and reveal it to the children. She needed to talk to this mystery elf alone first.
It wasn’t until midmorning that Professor Black got her first view of the girls’ parents. She got a good look at a woman she thought had to be the girls’ mother. This woman was not the mystery elf. She had brown eyes that had a hint of red in them. She would just have to look for their dad.
‘What’s this?’ There was a young man who fallowed the woman out the door after a few moments. ‘This could be the girls’ brother or father. He looks so young!’ She only got a small glance at the young man. Unfortunately she didn’t see his eyes so she couldn’t be sure who he was. With humans you can’t assume anything. This could be a young cousin of theirs just as easy as it could be their dad. Still… she looked closer trying to get a good look as he got into a car. His back was to her. ‘There is something familiar about the way he walks.’ She thought. It was almost as if she knew him.
Professor Black decided she needed to follow this couple. Pushing off hard she took to the air as they pulled out of the drive. She had to get high enough in the sky to be hard to see. It was rare to see an owl in the daytime and never heard of to see one that was as black as she was. She had to stay hidden from them as long as she could to give her the chance to figure things out. She had way too many questions and so far she had no answers.
‘I’ll never understand how muggles think those contraptions are fast travel!’ she thought as she doubled back for the fifth time. It was hard to keep the car in her sight as it wove its way through the houses, along winding roads, or through thick woods. ‘Just where are they headed!?!’ She thought she lost them as they went through a wooded area. Searching the horizon, along the edge of the woods, she found a road. ‘I hope they come out there.’ she prayed silently and started to circle overhead waiting.
Professor Black was just about to give up hope and head back to the girls’ house to wait when the car appeared. ‘Thank goodness!’ she thought. They were headed toward the city in the distance. She hoped they got where they were going soon, she was getting tired! A few minutes later she got her answer as the car pulled over in front of a small shop. 

‘I have to get a better look at him.’ She thought for the hundredth time. She couldn’t shake the feeling that she knew him somehow. It took just a split second to decide that she was going to follow them into the shop and see if she could get a better look at this young man. Once the couple had gone into the shop she flew toward the ground. This was a tricky transformation. Professor Black had to change as she reached the same height as she was tall so that no one could associate her with a bird. It had to seem that anyone who saw her change would think they were imagining things.
Once on the ground Professor Black straightened her dress, took off her cloak and folded it over her arm in a way you couldn’t tell what it was, and removed her hat to hide in the cloak. Once she was ready the Professor headed into the small shop. Her dress was made to fit in with the muggles and still feel comfortable to her so she wasn’t worried about being seen. In fact she wanted to be seen. She wanted a good look at the young man and planed on walking into him so there was no way to make a mistake. She needed to see if he recognized her and the only way she could think of that he would not be able to hide it is if she surprised him.


Hope you enjoyed reading this and that this little taste has made you want more!

Mistique Robin

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