Spotlight Review Wednesday: Manga 12~28~2016

Spotlight Review


Eun-soo Cha is the main character of the story.

Eun-soo has hated her Mother ever since she was abandoned by her. Raised by her Grandma, she became a wild child that likes to fight.

She has even disguised herself so well as a guy that people won't believe her even if she says she's a girl. She can fight well, and is even referred to as hot by girls. One day, however, her Grandma's already bad health worsens, and she promises not to fight anymore.

When Eun-soo's grandma dies soon after, she decides to leave Dae-Jeon (where she lives) and goes to Seoul to live with her Mother, despite still hating her, because she has nowhere else to go.

There, she runs into one of the best fighters, at her new school, and immediately gets on his bad side. What will happen? Will she break her promise to her grandma? Will love bloom?

My review!!!

The manga this week can be found on MangaPark...

MangaPark: Boy of the Female Wolf

I'm kinda liking using a manga cover as a starter image.... Anyhow... On to the review!

I have read only the first 5 chapters of this one so far and what I have to say is this... 
I LOVE THIS ONE!!! Yup... You read that right! I love it... I always get a kick out of gender bender ones... But most of the ones I have read or watched are always unintentional or forced gender benders... This one was completely and utterly on purpose!!! It was amazing!!!!

So our leading lady isn't a lady in this one... And already in the first 5 chapters there is a possible male crush.... OMG! I can't wait to see what kind of hilarity she gets up to as she tries to explain away why she is even registered in the school as a man but likes a man and is really a woman!

Unfortunately there isn't a whole lot for me to use to write a review on with only the first 5 chapters.... It is a well written story line... Maybe too well since it has a feeling of not moving fast enough at times.... And the art is wonderful! So far from what I can see it is a "slice of life" type story since we are following our leading la... ermm... leading man around his school and home life.

Now on this note I think it is a good time to rate it

On a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being a "Perfect-Must-Read" rating I give this...
So I'm pretty sure that nothing I've said so far would really make it easy to understand why I think this is amazing... It goes to my stance on genders... I think dressing link a "boy" or "girl" is over rated.. Same goes for acting like one or the other... I think it doesn't matter what gender you were born... If a dress is what you want to wear then put it on.. If a tux is more your style then go for it! Being you is what is important!!! I Love this story because I feel like in the first 5 chapters this is a strong message that is being presented to everyone who reads the books!

Because of that I am probably going to go searching for this in English... I hope they have published it so I can read it!!! I know I am reading it online... But this way I can support the author who put such a wonderful and important message in her art!

I'm going to end this here... Hope you enjoyed the review!

As always... Thanx for reading my review!
Have a gender bender day!

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