Second Channels???

It's no secret that some YouTube personalities have second channels... Here is a bit of info on some of our YouTube Family members who have two channels... First up is... +Strawberry Mochi!

Her first channel is of course... 

There Liz tells us all kinds of things... Life in Japan, Teaching, and Travel are some of those things... Here is her second channel!

On that one she shows us unedited Vlogs and Day in my life style videos! If that is the style you're into then that might be the better channel for you... Of course you can always sub to both!

She's not the only one in our little family that has more than one channel though... Here are two names from our family followed by the names of their second channel!

That's it for this post... Hope you check out the channels and sub to the ones you like! Maybe someday I'll be big enough to need a second channel too... Only time will tell... But in the meantime...

As always... Thanx for reading what I share!!!
Have an adventurous day!

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