What the heck is going on?!?!?!?

Yup... It's that time again... But this time it isn't like it is a heart to heart or anything... 

I Have done a lot of things on here lately and I wanted to put out a post explaining it all...

I had to move a lot of posts to a secondary blog because they didn't meet the standers for AdSence... For those of you who don't know what that is... They are a part of google that puts adds on things so you can earn money.

I signed my blog site up by accident and couldn't remove it because they don't allow changing the application in the middle of the process... Unfortunately I hadn't realized I messed up until I had already submitted the application.

Because of that I had to get the blog approved before I could apply for my Youtube videos to get the adds... Which was what I was originally trying to do.

Because of this... I had to create a blog to share all of our YouTube family's posts that I have been doing up till now... That can be found here...

This is where a lot of my posts will be thought there will still be stuff going to this main page... I am mostly going to use the main part for the Anime and Manga reviews and posts like this one where I'm telling you guys things... Or maybe random posts but nothing with videos... Don't think I won't be sharing those though... I'll let people know what I post and to which blog by posting the same announcements on my google plus page... which you can find here...

Now I had another blog all along... But that one was only for my Photography... And since before all the AdSence stuff started I had wanted to combine it with my main blog sooooo I added it to the navigation bar at the same time as I added the Vlog-Blog... Here is that link...

So then I started thinking... And I realized... I have a lot more than that out there... So there is a side bar on this main blog that lists off other things I have out there... Like my Poetry... And then I added links to my Facebook and Twitter for you to find and follow me if you want to.

Now because there are three blogs being put in one I have to figure out how to let them overlap without spamming everyone about the posts... So The posts will go out by order of what is written first... If a Vlog-Blog post was written and later I think of another post that fits in the Photo-blog then that one will be scheduled for later in the day and if there is also one for the main blog then that one will come out last... Basically the posts will come out based on what I decided to write first and there could be up to three in one day. 

Yes this made my life more hectic but it also gives me opportunities to share more with you all! I'm excited about this too!

So this is where the blog is right now... As for where it is headed... Who knows! The wind will guide us on this fascinating journey together!
Let's end this post here!

As always... Thanx for reading my posts!
Have a revealing fun filled journey of a day!

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