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I haven't really been doing much extra blogging lately... And to be honest it's really because I'm getting ready to move again... In the next few months I will be packing up everything and headed about two hours south of where I live now. That might not seem like a big move to some of you but when you have two small children it is a HUGE thing.

On top of planning a move I have my YouTube channel now... Flower of Hope Mistique Robin... I'm thinking of renaming this blog to match it too... I still like "keeping in touch" but this is kind of turning into an anime and manga review blog with a vlog-blog and photo-blog attached to it. I wonder where it will be headed sometimes... I still write the random post like this that can be considered keeping in touch with my family and friends... It's amazing to me that I have been able to keep in touch with them so well... So is the fact that now I can even add viewers and followers to that list of people I get to interact with... But the truth of the matter is that it isn't the same "Keeping in touch" as it was years ago when I started this adventure! Like all things it has evolved and changed for the better!

I want to do better on my YouTube channel... And I don't want to stop reviewing the manga and  anime I have planned... And there are so many videos I want to share with you all still. I'm going to give it my all this year... I hope you all enjoy what I bring to the table.... If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them!!! I'm all ears as they say.

So with that in mind... I want to share with you some ideas for Vlog videos I have... Let me know if you would like to see these or if they are junk... Please and Thanx!

Vlog-Blog Idea List!
First time using Yoga Burn
countdown to my move
Making chocolate covered strawberry roses
Kids trying new candies
Scratch art or art in general in time-lapse

So what do you think? Are these things you would like to see in my videos? Don't get me wrong... I still need to work on things in the creator academy... For those of you who don't know what that it... YouTube has a series of lessons on a webpage that creators can use to get better at creating... Actually anyone can probably use the site but I don't know how that works. After all I'm a creator so I don't need to worry about the other details.

So I will work on that and get better... Then maybe the ideas above won't seem as boring as they sound... But then again who knows right?
I'm going to end this post here... I've babbled enough after all!

As always... Thanx for reading my post!
Hope you have a creatively wonderful day!

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