YouTube and Blog... The future is looking good!!!

Sooooo much is going on right now... I am in my new house right now... Yes we have internet already! Can you believe it! I'm so much closer to all the people I grew up with but still so far away! It is a lot less of a drive though... If we want to hang out now I only need to drive for a half hour! Not to mention that it looks like I'll have a lot of things to Vlog about.

On that topic... In a small town it really doesn't look weird to be talking to your phone or having a camera pointed out to god knows where... But I wonder if it will be like that here! It isn't exactly small... It's more like I think people are going to think I'm crazy... Well I am but that is besides the point!

I hope I can really grow both my YouTube channel and my blog topics!
Yeah I know... I can only grow so fast... But I'm getting excited now! Just knowing I'm in a place that is close to things like Canobie Lake Park and that there are things I don't know about that could be found because I'm not in the middle of nowhere really makes me want to explore!!!

Is your town or city like that for you? Have you ever wondered if there was a hidden gem somewhere and you didn't know about it... Just think... If you walk around in an area you haven't really been... Would you find something new???

Bet you never thought of that.... Yup the idea wheels are turning!

I wonder what I will find here... Like what I found in Berlin... There was an amazing trail... I haven't put the video out yet but I think I will be doing that soon... It was soooo foggy though so the view is kinda.... Well... Like something out of an anime or manga... Magical!

You should definitely check it out when I do publish it! My son was with me and he videoed some of it so that I had footage of me doing things that I thought were harder than what I normally do... I think it will be an amazing video compared to what I have done so far... I have new editing skills to test out too... So that's why I have been waiting... Oh and I was thinking of doing a "Mystery Link" at the end... Not sure how that will work now that YouTube is changing stuff about editing on the website but I am still gonna give it a try!

So with all this stuff going on with my YouTube I guess you are wonder what is going to happen to my blog.... Well.... For now it is going to continue how it has been. I may skip a post here and there but my planned posts will always show up.... I am going to try my hardest not to miss any of my posts though!


So because of that I just can't bring myself to stop!

Though I am going to stop this post here.... Otherwise I'll just keep rambling...

As always... Thanx for reading what I've written!
Hope you have a productive day!

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