What is up with me now...

So yeah... You remember when I posted that I was back?? If not here is a refresher link...

And since I promised I kept going even though more crap happened... As shown in this post...

And yet again I have this post here... Yes this one... No link needed for it this time! I am really trying to keep going even though so much has made me want to stop... I am going because I love that someone wants to read and watch the things I share with them... Above all that makes me feel so happy and right now I really could use that huge dose of happiness!

So thank you again to all the people who read these posts of mine!

I'm still working to put everything back together so I really appreciate how patient you are all being! as for the future... I will continue to write about things that I do or find interesting and share posts from our YouTube family members...I'm working on getting my schedule back on track too.

I think tomorrow for the Japanese lesson I will share another newer lesson video from +tomoko tomoko as a type of apology... Sort of...  And because I think it would be nice!

Anyhow... That is what is up with me now... My anime and manga reviews will still be out on time though... Thanx again for understanding!

As always... Thanx for reading what I post!
Hope you have a cheerful day!

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