Just some thoughts... Where do I go from here?

It’s kind of sad that I open word to write anything that I think I may want on the Main-Blog just to see if it has enough words. I don’t know if you remember but a while ago when I was trying to get approved for adSense I said I needed 450 words for them to consider the content to be enough for an ad. I decided that instead of having to cut and paste everything from the Main-Blog to any of my others if it wasn’t a “plump” enough post that I should write it in word and then move it to where it would fit best. Because of this I end up with a lot of posts later in the week or month that seem like part of earlier posts. Yeah it gets kinda crazy!

Now I’m sure you are wandering why I brought this up now? To be honest this is one of those posts that I don’t know where it will go… If it isn’t big enough it will go on the Vlog-Blog with some video attached. If it is big enough I’ll add pictures and publish it on the next date I have nothing planned for.

And again, I bet you are wondering why I’m telling you this…. Well I was thinking… Yeah I know… Gears are turning... Scary thought! But anyhow, I was thinking about my “projects”… Let’s call them projects. They are my three Blogs, my Book, my artwork, singing, poetry and my YouTube. There are a lot right! So, while I was thinking about all these little projects I realized something… I really need to prioritize them! I do a little her and a little there but nothing ever gets finished because I never finish them. Which brings us around to the ones that will never be finished! The blogs and the YouTube fit those thoughts.

Yes, I can say my book, artwork, singing and poetry can be finished because each has a stop point… one book has an ending even if it leads into another book… A poem must have a set point to call the end. So do songs and every picture has a point where you think it is complete. But even though each blog has posts that are points where I could say I’m done and YouTube has videos that end, there is always the next post or video that needs to be done…. Thus they don’t end. Still wondering what this has to do with the first thoughts? Well I need to prioritize my projects that I want to make better in a way they can be finished even if they aren't the finish-able ones! 

So for the blog it is writing the posts in word before I publish them and for YouTube… That one I haven’t figured out yet. But I will... YouTube is a monster all it's own because even if I finish it I really never can unless I leave it. Blog posts all have ends that could potentially be the last one but a video always ends with a feeling that there will be more to come. So unless I do a video specifically saying bye-bye then there will always be more. At least that is how I feel about it. So I think my blog and YouTube need to be the main focus since they never end.... Lucky for me my YouTube also features some of my art and occasionally a song. OK, once a song! To be fair, I can sing but not on camera... I don't know why I can talk to everyone fine but get camera shy when singing. Maybe I'll do songs I sing to pictures I take? That's an idea anyhow. I dunno... But now I'm starting to ramble so lets end this here!

As always... Thanx for reading my post!
Hope you have a productive and fun day!

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