A major Update...

Today is supposed to be the day I put out the Reliv information post… To be honest I think I am going to skip it this month.. A lot has been happening with me and I have been trying to ignore it for some time. I’m depressed and I have no motivation right now. So I think the main posts will be sporadic for a while. Unfortunately this is the best I can do because I don’t think forcing myself to write posts is going to make people like what I write. I think forcing it would have the opposite effect. I don’t want to write shit content and I feel like for a little while I have been doing just that.

For this reason I feel that I should do something different. It says a lot that I don’t want to just give up! That used to be how I dealt with feeling like this… I would give up and never look back. But I LOVE writing the posts for you all… Because of that fact I will probably still write posts during the break I am taking… They just won’t have a set schedule for a while.
I’m really sorry to all those people who like to watch and read the things I share with them. I feel like I should apologize because I let myself get into such a funk that my content was looking more and more like crap. I’m trying to fix it so thank you for sticking around while I get a grip on myself again.
I’m still going to write my reviews on time though… Those should get better now that I am not bogging myself down with forcing myself to write the rest of the posts. Please give me a few months before you decide if I suck or not LOL. I feel like I am slowly getting a handle again.

I’ll do a post with the few Vlogmas videos I managed to do at some point too… I was hoping to be able to do it this year and to manage to do it well but it wasn’t in the cards for me. There is always next year though! I haven’t given up totally on that either! That post will come out sometime after Christmas though because I want to spend time with my family and try to get better.

I'll still try to post the Photo of the month as well... Though, like always, it will be at the end of the month. I don't know yet if I will actually remember since I forgot last months... But I will try!

OK… This is enough of a rant I think… I really need to work on a lot from the looks of it because while writing this I thought of a million other things that need to get better for me to get better. With that in mind I want to end this post on a positive note… I really am grateful for my readers and thankful you all stick by me like you do! Thank you because without you I would be kinda lost!

So again... Thanx for reading my posts!
I hope you have an awesome fun  filled day!

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