How to remake yourself... Just my theories on the subject!

Have you ever had a time in your life where you are so sick of who you are and want desperately to change and be someone else? Yeah I’m at that point right now… I want to totally remake who I am into someone I never even imagined I could be.

This is going to be no easy task… Of that I’m sure!

I have an image in my head of who I want to be and how I want to be... Everything is already imagined right down to my personality! So now I'm going to start the long process of figuring out how I’m even going to pull off creating and maintaining my new me long enough that it really becomes me… Didn’t you know that's how all change takes place? You think about it enough that you eventually do it… Or you practice it enough that it feels natural and you could never imagine yourself not doing it… even if it is a lie at the moment it can become true if you do it all the time for long enough…

Let’s not go crazy now… Hear me out… This isn’t true for everything but I have found it is true when it pertains to yourself! Haven’t you ever done something you weren’t comfortable doing… Then for some reason beyond your control you have to do it again and again…. Haven’t you noticed each time it’s easier to do this thing… It is starting to feel natural… Yes some say it’s just that you get used to it but I think it’s more than that… You make it a part of you by accepting it is hard and doing it anyway!!! Then before you know it you feel like you have been doing whatever it was all your life! That’s how it works!

So now I need to do that… I need to figure out the parts of the person I want to be that are actually doable and figure out how I have to change in order to be that person… Then I have to figure out where to start cause that is just as important as having a clear image of who I want to be… And finally I have to make the changes…. 

I shouldn’t have said finally because there really is one more step. I have to keep doing whatever the change is… I will have a hard time.. I will want to quit… I will want to cheat to make it feel less hard…But I can’t do that… I have to hold fast and stay strong with whatever step I am working on. And eventually… it won’t be so hard to do anymore… And someday it will feel like I have done that for my entire life… This is what it means to change… This is what it means to move forward. And this is what I am going to do this year… 2018 is going to be the year I remake myself!!!!!

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