Food for thought to go with that wonder-filled new tea? (Combo Post)

Food for thought to go with that wonder-filled new tea?

You know the saying "Dance like no one is watching" that people are always saying... I think I live my life something like that... I do what I want most of the time... I don't think about how my choices affect others most of the time... I pretty much only do what will be best for me...

And one thing that is always best for me is if the people I care about the most are happy and safe!

I wouldn't change a thing.... But at the same time I'm jealous of those who get to live their dreams! I never really got the change to even form my dream when I was younger... Life took me by surprise... And because of that I had some adventures I never would have had!

My life may not be what I thought it would be when I was younger... But man oh man has it been a good one! Now that I'm older I have the opportunity to try again... Yup... If you really try then there is a second chance at your dream that waits for you just around the bend!

Maybe for you it is starting up a business... Or selling an amazing piece of art! Or traveling the world might be your cup of tea... Make your dreams come true when you get the chance... Because it's rare that something gives you a second change... And it's almost impossible to get a third one!

That's it for my rant... I'll leave you with this last thought...

Life is full of chances... Don't ever turn down one you want because a life without regrets is the ultimate goal and the biggest reward living has to offer you!

As always... Thanx for reading!
Smile and have a wonder-filled day!

I'm so excited for the weekend... Are you???

おはよう! 今日は! 今晩は!
Hello where ever you are!!! I'm not sure if I used the correct kanji but those say (or are supposed to say) "Good morning! Good afternoon! Good evening!" So that I covered all time zones!

Now for those of you like me who are in a time zone where it's morning.. It's time to rise, possibly shine, and greet the day with enthusiasm because.... 


Yayayayay hehe. Yes I am unusually happy the weekend starts tonight... It's just that I've been so busy this week and I never plan anything but resting on the weekend. Ya I know... 
How lame can I get right?

It's cool though cause I use that relaxing time to hang out with my family... So it's not like I lay around and do nothing... It's more like I do the truest important things!

On that note..... What things do you do on the weekend or on the days you don't work? What things are truly important to you??? Let me know in the comments below!

That's all I am gonna say...
As always... Thanx for reading my post!

Have an adventurous weekend!!!

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