Need opinions... You get to influence my life!!!

That's right!!! I need you to help me decide about something!!!

I'm debating on starting a YouTube channel...
I know... Crazy right! But hear me out... Here is what I was thinking....

There are a few things I could do on it... One is to document my journey from overweight to healthy while living with Fibromyalgia, Asthma, Mental health issues (Someday maybe I'll tell you what I have but to be honest we all have some kind of mental issue right!) and possibly having Ankylosing Spondylitis (More on that latter) but I don't know if that's something people would be interested in. 

I don't fit any 'typical' body type... I'm not thin but I'm not fat either.

I know you're thinking that I want to say "I'm big boned" right? Well... You're wrong... I'm not that either... I have a big chest so a lot of my weight is there... I also never managed to get rid of they 'baby belly' I got as a result of having 3 wonderful babies! That combo of issues means I have to pay attention to inches on areas of my body instead of how much I weigh... And that would make it different from most of the transformation type videos I see out there.

I know I have a long way to go before I reach my goal but this might motivate me. I realized that when I do challenges and post stuff about them on here I tend to actually stick to it... But after the challenge is over or if I fail it at any point I noticed I just stop. If I have to post videos about what I did to get healthier each week I think it would make it impossible for me to quite part way through! And.... Ya know... I could be totally off by thinking this too!

Another idea of what I could put on there would be a part of this blog... Wait.. I know... Why put a written blog on YouTube right??? Well I wouldn't be writing it... I'd be speaking it.

I was trying to figure out how to add spoken blog posts on here and so far all I have come up with is that you can't just add voice or music to the blog with this host. It has to be a video. Then I thought about how much space that would take up and how after a while I would have to delete posts to make room for the new video files unless they are hosted somewhere else.

Bingo... YouTube!

I could set it up as a playlist and in the first video explain that this is part of an actual blog that can be found in a link I provide under each video then it isn't misleading. I'm unsure about this one though since I don't write long blog posts and I am camera shy...

Both ideas force me to face my camera fear... So that's good right!?!?

But now I'm rambling...

Anyway it's my idea and I would like to know what you think!
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 +Mistique Robin 

As always... Thanx for reading my post!!!

Have a Happy and Productive Awesome Day!!!

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