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The Fourth Progenitor is a name that strikes fear in many people. A dangerous vampire thought to exist only in legend, the Fourth Progenitor commands so much power that its very existence is considered an act of war. But now people have discovered that not only is the Fourth Progenitor very real, he is also currently living in Itogami City, an island where humans and demons live together freely. 

Until three months ago, Kojou Akatsuki was a normal, human high school student. After becoming the Fourth Progenitor, though, he finds himself with abilities far beyond those of regular vampires. One day, he meets Yukina Himeragi, an apprentice sword-shaman who is sent to observe him and kill him if he becomes too much of a threat. However, her presence raises many questions. If the Fourth Progenitor is so dangerous, why send only an apprentice to deal with him? And how did a human become the Fourth Progenitor in the first place?

My review!!!

The Anime this week can be watched on Crunchyroll....

And here is what they have to say about it...

The fourth Progenitor is the most powerful vampire once thought to exist only in the world of legends. Yet when it appears in Japan, the government for some reason chooses an apprentice "sword shaman", Yukina Himeragi, to observe and obliterate it. Bewildered by the disproportionate task and its specific details, Yukina arrives at the Demon District of Itogami-jima to watch Akatsuki Kojo, and a student at a private high school on Itogami-jima.

Now onto what I have to say!!!

This is the cast we follow around the most! I have actually watched the entire series that I could find. I am not sure if there is more than what I have seen but because I watched more than the first 5 episodes before writing this I know I will most likely end up giving spoilers...

Sorry in advance if you don't want spoilers!

These are the main two though... Well... Actually he is the main one and she kinda follows him around!!! He is Kojou Akatsuki... A powerful vampire who was once human... She is Yukina Himeragi... A sward shaman who was ordered to observe and possibly kill Kojou.

There is definitely a sense of growing to like him though... Yukina ends up helping him to keep control when she should be trying to kill him.... Essentially she is making him stronger...
But for some reason no one really gets upset... They watch him and think of him as a threat but they don't send extra people to kill him... Eventually it seems there are more people watching him but that is all they are doing. They don't even let him know he is being watched more!

Don't they think it would have been nice to let at least Yukina know?!?!?

If you want to know who those other people are and how they fit in then you should really check out the anime.... Poor Kojou is stuck in a Love triange from the start... Not everyone in the triangle knows their feelings... And as more people fall for him it gets more points and morphs into something quite interesting!

OK... Now time to rate it

On a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being a "perfect-must-Watch" rating I give this...
It would have gotten a 10 but they left some stuff unanswered in the end and I haven't found another season yet. If I do find a second season then this will shoot to the first ever 10 rating I've done!


That's all for now... Hope you enjoyed my attempts at making this entertaining!

As always... Thanx for reading my review!!!
Have a wonderful day!

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