Wow... It's been a while!!!

I was looking back at all the blogs I've written in the past.... Well not alllllll of them.... Just the "Spotlight Review" ones.... And I realized I started writing them in October!!!

Time sure does fly!!!

So I thought that I should Make a list of all the Manga and Anime Reviews I've written From then till the end of the year.... However... I then realized this day might fall on the same day as the review or the review announcement is scheduled to go out!

So..... Because it would be bad if this new post fell on a Wednesday or Friday I decided I  have to post it on Thursday... This means every year on the last Thursday of the year I'll post the "Complete Spotlight Review List" for that year.

Because I hadn't thought of this before hand I didn't have one for 2015's review posts... Sooooo... I'm going to post the ones from then in a post sometime next month.

Then I thought it would be good to have the announcement post have a link to the Spotlight Reviews done that month just in case you missed any. This will start in the announcement post at the end of June since this months went out on the 27th.

Oh and about the complete list at the end of each year... Should I list all the reviews each time or should I put a link to the previous lists on the end of the current year's review list post? What would make viewing easier for you? Sooooo.... What do you think??? 

That's all for today!

Please look forward to the "2015 Complete Spotlight Review List" post coming soon!

As always... Thanx for reading my post!!!
Have an amazing day!!!

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