9/2015 Combo Post

a long time... 

    It has been a really long time since I wrote on here... a lot has happened... we moved again!! That's right... we are no longer in southeast Texas but instead we are up in the mountains in New Hampshire! Things have gotten so much better for me here.. I'm lovin the neighborhood and the kids like school so far lol. we may not own the house we live in but it is still a beautiful house! Life is just going good now!!! I have a feeling that i am going to learn a lot about me soon. yes i said that right.... about me lol... I don't know much about myself beyond the "mom" me and now that all the kids are in school i can learn more about myself again! yay hehe.well time to go for now... hope you all have a great day!!!

じゃ また ね!


9~18~2015 (8:40am)
And... my day begins...

I have a very hectic morning... every morning... as a mother of three I find my day starts off all kinds of crazy. first i have a teen in high school who gets up at 6 and of course that wakes the dogs and his younger sisters up... so that means i'm up too... so it's walk the dogs then get breakfast together... they finish eating just in time to bring brother to school and then we get back and change into our clothes for the day... then it's about a half hour wait of fighting over toys for the girls and making lunches and doing whatever else i have to do before it's time to bring the girls to school... yes this happens 5 days a week!

i have to say though that i wouldn't change it for the world... maybe for a little more sleep though lol.

I love my family and my life... and now... since kids are in school it is time to work on my book!


9~18~2015 (10:09am)
Why I don't draw for a living!!!

Seriously love Grace's humor and her way of getting the point across... I know what she means though... here is grace from "Texan in Tokyo" talking about something that happens a lot to artists who draw full time. This is probably why I refuse to draw for a living lol...


Don't worry grace... We will love your comics no mater what the lines look like!


UPDATE: I am going to be putting random posts from this year together to make them into more than just little tidbit posts... I want them to be real content but I'm not editing what I wrote because then that would change the content and I want to be able to look back at how I grew as I wrote!

I shall let you know when it is more than one post combined by putting "combo" in the tittle.

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