and the sickness hits... (combo)


it's time for the cooler weather to start showing its face around the neighborhood... being up on a mountain it gets cool at night and warm during the day... so this inevitably mean....

you get sick easier...

at least that is my experience! now my daughter has had a cold and my husband is sick with a "Flue-like illness" and it is not a fun house! now my daughter has been sick for a week and is super cranky... making her younger sister cranky too,... and last night my husband had to go to the hospital... dang 104 temp!

i don't know about the rest of you men out there but my hubby is like a three year old when he gets sick... so now for the time being i am a mommy of 4 lol. and he can take care of me when i eventually get this lovely present from him lol.

but for now i can only think.. and so it starts... with the fog the sickness has hit!

a little scary...

Everyone knows that any kind of procedure where you have to be sleeping is a bit scary... for me this is doubled... the last time I had to be put under anesthesia I was getting a camera down my throat to look at the lining of my stomach. It was supposed to take a few hours and when it was done I could go home. But something went wrong and I have no memories of the first week after they woke me up.. all I know is I was in  my normal clothing when we started and when I woke up I was in a gown.

 It was not fun to try to figure it all out.

So you're probably asking why I brought something like this up right? it's because next month i have to go under anesthesia again... yup... and three months after that I'll be doing it again.

Needless to say I'm scared. So to anyone reading this can you possibly send a little thought to the universe to let me have nothing go wrong during the upcoming procedures.

Thanx a bunch in advance!

lets help her out!

I know if you read her comics you will love "Texan in Tokyo" as much as I do!!! lets all help support this amazing artist!

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and here is her comic series...

Texan in Tokyo Comics

Thanx everyone!!!

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