28 day Planking challenge...

OK.. I am issuing a challenge to all my friends, family, and followers.. Can you do this planking challenge? It's not as easy as it might seem.. Or so I'm told.  

First let me explain what planking is for those who don't know...

Your in a push-up position but instead of being on your hands you are resting on your elbows.

Sounds easy enough right? Well, for the entire time your doing this you don't move and you keep your back straight as a board... I guess that's why it's called planking lol

Challenge Time!!!

Here is what you do. i'm going to list 28 time periods here. You do one per day.

  1. 20 seconds
  2. 20 seconds
  3. 30 seconds
  4. 30 seconds
  5. 40 seconds
  6. REST
  7. 45 seconds
  8. 45 seconds
  9. 60 seconds
  10. 60 seconds
  11. 60 seconds
  12. 90 seconds
  13. REST
  14. 90 seconds
  15. 90 seconds
  16. 120 seconds
  17. 120 seconds
  18. 150 seconds
  19. REST
  20. 150 seconds
  21. 150 seconds
  22. 180 seconds
  23. 180 seconds
  24. 210 seconds
  25. REST
  26. 210 seconds
  27. 240 seconds
  28. Hold the plank position for the longest time you can!

You're Done!!!

That's it! Now for those of you who are into the exercise thing and are thinking this is way to easy... It's meant to be added to your current exercise plan or as a starting point to get people who don't exercise into an easy exercise plan. After the challenge is done, if they decide to continue exercising, they can just add a second exercise to this or just keep doing this. 

So can you do this challenge? If you ask me the real challenge is actually doing it for the 28 days!

Let me know what your max plank time is in the comment section and on the 28th day I'll do the same!! Good luck everyone!!!

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