Tears from heaven...

My mama used to tell me that if it rained then there were angels in heaven who were crying because their loved ones were hurting. 

I sit here looking out my window right now as the rain falls down... It gets lighter and heavier and back again... over and over... There must be a lot of people hurting right now... 

My family is no exception... The other day we lost a great woman.. She has joined the love of her life and is no longer in pain but I'm sure she is still shedding tears for us as we all deal with our loss. that's just the type of person she was.  

When she was alive she did everything she could to make you smile. She had such an upbeat personality and such a contagious laugh! So, for her I try to smile. For her I hope the rain stops. Because that means she is no longer crying and she can smile knowing we will be ok!

I'm sure she would want you to know this too... When your hurting and it starts raining... Remember someone is crying for you.. Someone loves you and worries about you even after death. So smile for them.. Live the best you can for them.. An most importantly... Never forget the good times you had with them because when you remember them and smile they will smile to!

Miss you already Little Ma!!! Say hi to my mama for me!

In memory of you "Little Ma"
May you Rest in Peace!

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