The struggle is real!!!

being self employed of any type had its ups and its downs... for one up you get to pick your own hours... but the down side is that you have no one to answer to if you don't follow your own schedule. this can be a problem for some people but a blessing for others.

Another plus is being able to chose what your work space looks like. It could be notebooks and a computer... and a snack to keep you motivated....

Or it could be just a drink and a laptop...

It could be anything... and one of my acquaintances shows her work space on her Facebook page. here it is for you if you want to take a look...

I guess the down side to this work space thing is that it can get to be a reallllly big mess and no one is going to say anything when you don't clean it... and if you're anything like me and don't pay attention until its getting to the point you can't move... this can be very bad. Luckily my husband has started to help me out with that lol... I just get way to engrossed in my writing lol

Others have the luck of their workplace being the great outdoors... where pictures like this can be taken....

Or these...

All pictures were taken by: Mistique FireMaiden Photography

As you can see there are a few ups and downs and i'm sure you're saying "that's not so bad" and your right... those aren't so  bad! the hardest downfall to get used to is the pay... you don't get payed unless you get results.

For me I have to finish my book and publish it (paying money out of pocket to do so) and then if my book sells I'll finally get a paycheck. For others it could be selling a product door to door or over the internet. It all depends on your job... but the one thing they all have in common is that you don't get a paycheck that is regular.

sometimes it might be a big check and then there might be the weeks where you get no check. It's hard to make a living with just this unstable income so it is the biggest downfall I can think of. For me it isn't so bad since my hubby works a full time job. 

well that's all I can think of right now... so I have given you food for thought if you ever want to work from home. there is lots to think about so make sure you do your research before you just jump in!

Have a great day everyone!!!!

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