Spotlight Review Wednesday: Manga 6~1~2016

Spotlight Review


Tsubaki Chou Lonely planet


Oono Fumi is a poor second year high school student. Because of her father's debts, she's kicked out of her own home and has to rely on her own connections to survive. Thus begins her life as a live-in housekeeper for a reclusive writer...

My review!!!

So this one seems to be really interesting... Our story Synopsis actually was written like that and I felt at first that it was cut short. It almost negatively impacted my point of view going into this!

However I was able to think clearly and objectively so here is what I came up with!

From left to right these people are....

The main person we follow is Fumi...

 She starts her new life after first becomeing so overrun with dept that she has to take a job as a housekeeper for an author named...

 Akatsuki Kibikino. 

Her best friend finds out about the dept and is worried about her.. Lets meet her now...

Yes You Tobiume she is in a lot of dept!
As if this wasn't bad enough... Her dad has to work on a boat and stuff happens with that too... This poor girl can't seem to catch a break can she???

Again as if her life was a magnet for bad news an exchange student notices her and it turns out that boy is someone who she had greatly upset in the past... She didn't mean to but things like that happen a lot when we least expect it.

His name is Isshin Aioi.

Once the misunderstanding is cleared up they become friends though. Kibikino has an editor who comes around sometimes... Makes sense since it is his job!

Don't look at me with that innocent look Gorou Kaneishi! You have trouble written all over your face for at least every other time you show up! Your new hobby seems to be analyzing Akatsuki's potential love life.... But since you know him from when you were younger it makes sense.

 Fumi goes through a lot in the transition from her old life to her new one and she sees for the first time how even in the same situation one boy can make your heart race when anyone else would make you shiver in fear! Is there a romance starting here???

OK... Now time to rate it

On a scale of 1 to 10 with ten being a "perfect-must-read" rating I give this...
Promising 8
I know right.... another "promising" mark!!! I think this one is promising because it isn't finished being written so I can't really give it a final rating.

This is definitely one I am adding to my reading list.
Because it is still so new I couldn't find it on Barnes & Noble but I will keep looking!
That's all for now... Hope you enjoyed hearing about this manga!

As always... Thanx for reading my post!!!
Have a wonderful day!

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