New members... Moving.... Raving about... well... read to know more...

I have a few things to tell you all today!

So lets get right into it with some good stuff... I got some great news! We are getting some new members to our YouTube family... Yup I said members... As in more than one! I couldn't wait any longer to tell you about one of them.... The other you will find out about next month! Soooo... Without further adieu let's welcome the first member we are adding!

This guy is amazing.... He sings... He models... He acts!

Come on now... How amazing is that!!! Now I realllly want to share his music with you right now so you can hear what I'm talking about when I say his voice is amazingly dreamy... I could listen to his songs all day long!

But... That would be no fun!

You should check out his YouTube if you don't want to wait for me to share! I will be sharing some of his music with you all after I move though!

Here are just a few other things he does...

Artist, Composer, Songwriter, Story writer

If you are curious about what he looks like then you should check out his instagram.... Here is a link to it since I can't manage to figure out how to link to the pictures I want to share with you.

Instagram: Sebastiano Serafini

OK... I should stop raving about +Sebastiano Serafini so you don't get sick of hearing about him before I even share his music with you!

On to the next bit of news... I am thinking that I want to figure out a way to intertwine my YouTube and my Vlog-Blog... But all updates are on the update page for this blog so in a way this one gets intertwined in a way. It's all confusing as of right now... But... I think I can make it work in a way that Adsense won't get aggravated with me.

Hmmmm... I know there was another thing I wanted to share but for the life of me I just can't remember it! Oh well... I'm sure I will remember at some point! It's time to get back to last minute packing up... We move tomorrow!
I'll be hitting a free wi-fi spot so I can blog to you guys the rest of the week!

As always... Thanx for reading my post!
Hope you have an adventurous and musical day!

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