Thinking... Thanking... Musing...

I was just thinking....
I can't help thinking about stuff when life goes all wonkie... This is kind of one of those days! I have a LOT going on in the next few months...

I have this blog... Plus the Vlog-Blog and Photo of the month on the Photo-Blog I run... Then there is my YouTube channel to think about. I also have three kids... Though technically one is an adult now... As if all that wasn't enough I'm still trying to write a book and learn more about editing videos... Plus I study Japanese whenever I can and I have another two units to do on my Photography course.... Did I miss anything? OH!!!! Yes I did... I have to do all that while packing up my house and moving three hours south!

Think my plate is full enough yet?

This is all kind of crazy in and of itself... But I also have to add in the fact that I have therapy and doctor appointments for both my mental and physical illnesses.... Some of which. the appointments are three hours away (close to where I'm moving) and some of which are close to here. Because of all the travel and all the stuff I do I have trouble squeezing in my art like drawing or painting and my needle point has been all but forgotten! But still...

I guess the point is that busy doesn't describe my life nearly good enough!

And still I can honestly say I wouldn't change it for the world. I don't know any other way I would be happy... My life doesn't get dull very often... I am one of the few people out there who can look forward to the dull times though!

It feels like... A vacation! The reason is because my real "Vacations" are also viewed my me as material for my YouTube channel.... See why I say it is good to have a few dull points now and again?

So for this reason... I may skip a post here and there just so that I can get some packing done or something like that... If you're someone who reads my blog regularly I'm sorry if this bums you out but I am not going to disappear so don't worry... And I don't know for sure if I will actually miss posts! For all I know I may get everything done and not need to skip... That is my hope but I thought it would be good to tell you just in case it doesn't happen that way.
I feel like I'm changing without realizing... Much like the butterfly above. Through the things I write about here and share with you all on my YouTube channel I am slowly becoming someone new... All while staying true to me. I don't know if that makes sense to you but it is how I feel.

I have you all to thank for my transformation!

You push me without knowing you do... I write because I love to but I know someone else likes what I write so it makes me want to write better... Same with my videos... I do them for others but at the same time I do it for me... For the fun I have making them... The laughs I share with the people in them... It's selfish but not selfish all at once! Though none of this would be something so fun if you all weren't a part of it! Sooooo....


And on this note I'm going to end the post!

As always... Thanx for reading what I share!
Hope you have an amazing day!!!

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