A different Kind of lesson...

Today I thought it would be cool if I show you a few sites to look things up on when studying Japanese. The first one is one I am not too sure about but it came HIGHLY recommended!

So.... I think that this site is worth mentioning because you can look up what you would need to know as you progressed through the grades or for the Language tests there are. I am currently going to use it to see what grade I fall under. I am probably not that far at all.. I may be even ranked at Grade 1!!!

Even so I want to know! Next we will look at a cool site to practice reading at...

Web Japan

That one is more grown up... If you want to take a look at the kids part... Go here...

Kids Web Japan

Both sites are cool but I think I like the kids one right now... It keeps my attention so that I am really trying to understand.. I don't know about you but for me if I am not interested I can't remember what I am learning.

Next we have a site that is both looking things up and lessons...

Tanoshii Japanese

I recomend the lessons form here since they are so well put together... At least that is how I feel about them... Since I've never learned Japanese in a classroom I can only guess if this is true or not!

Finally if you are looking for something that feels like a game then I would give this site a try...


This is actually a site I really love and they have a mobile app to go with it! I use both all the time so please check it out... They offer a lot more than just Japanese as well... So if you just need a tool to help you along then I think you should take the time to see if the language you want is on here!

Well with all this information I think I will end the post here.

As always... Thanx for reading and checking out what I shared!
Hope you have a knowledge filled day!

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