The future of everything!!!

I wanted to talk to you all today about the future of my Blog, Vlog, and my Photography… And most importantly… What it all means for you! After all…. You are my loyal readers!

Let's start with the smallest part of all of this… My photography!!! I’m still a student at NYIP but I’m almost done… Did you ever hear anyone say that you should be careful what you do for classes in school? You probably did but you also probably thought they meant do something you like… Right? Cause that’s what I thought… That is… Until I knew better!

I LOVE photography!!! But taking classes has KILLED my drive to want to take pictures. So that’s the reason for my having only done one photo a month on the Photo-Blog up till now.. I think I’ll be continuing this as long as I’m in school too. After that who knows! The future is BRIGHT!!!

That leaves the Main-Blog and the Vlog-Blog. They are kind of linked so I’ll start with the Main-Blog. I’m still going to do all the reviews I’ve been doing… And the Reliv product info still has products I haven’t written about so those will be on here too… And then there will also be random posts like this one… Just with different topics. Not to mention that this is where all of our guest posts will be! So it really doesn’t feel like it has to change either!

Now sofar nothing really stands out to explain why I’m writing this post does it?

That has to do more with the Vlog-Blog… I really wanted a place I could show you all the videos I love but I also wanted to be able to show you my videos… I’ve kind of strayed from that so I want to bring it back a little… I am going to start including my videos every time I post one. I’m not going to write much on those posts though. Just something like “Here is this weeks video… I hope you enjoy it!” or something like that.

This past weekend I didn’t get a video out… that’s something else I really want to work on. Because of that I think I might put two videos out...that is if I can finish editing them. I need to put all the backed up videos out there before I can start making more… I don’t like having all this footage and not knowing what to do with it!!!

Don’t worry... I can handle this!

Basically it means I’ll be going nuts with the video editing and posting so that I can catch up… I wanna start new videos next month. Hopefully I finish my project for NYIP soon too because I only have two units left!!!! woot woot!

My plans for everything are bright...
You should let me know if there is something you would maybe like to see on the Blogs or in the Vlogs. I’ll do my best to make it happen!

As always… Thanx for reading my post!
I hope you have an orderly day!!!

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