Summories, my "Job" and a Thank you!

Hello everyone who reads my posts… I thought today would be a great day to update you all on what the heck is going on in my mind! Now don’t get scared away or anything… After all… It isn’t much different from the time we have already spent together. So, without further ado, let’s get into my thoughts and see how far down this rabbit hole goes!

First of all Let’s talk Blog…. I know you have liked what I was doing for a while now for those of you who come here often… Thank you so much for that! But for those of you who are new then I’m sure you don’t know what you think yet! Let me break down the blog for you a bit… 

There are a lot of tabs and pages attached to this blog so it can get confusing and that is probably putting it lightly! There are three parts to the blog that are the most important. First is this part…. The Main-Blog. Here is where I put all my reviews and any random things that don’t involve YouTube videos. The reviews are anime and manga reviews and always happen on Wednesday. They alternate as to which type will be posted and I announce what is to come in the next month at the end of every month

One review a week isn’t so bad… I know this… So, it’s hard to see how this is insanity at all… But think about it this way… I must watch or read 5 chapters or episodes before I can write the review each week, plus keep up with everything else I post. Now that still doesn’t sound crazy… But let’s start adding things, shall we?

Each month on top of 4 or 5 reviews I also have to plan out 8 set posts on specific topics that I have to put time into planning out. There are two music or musing posts, two throwback posts, two lesson posts, a reliv post, and the review announcement for the coming month. Now I know this still doesn’t sound like a lot but let’s add in that I am a stay at home mother of three with a husband who is as needy as my youngest is! I do all the chores and almost all the cooking. And let’s also not forget that this is only one of the three most important parts to the blog! I still do things on the other two each month but this is by far the hardest of the three.

So now let’s look at the easiest of the three! The Photo-Blog! On this blog I post one Photo every month. I've posted an example here for you. Sometimes it takes up a slot for the Monday through Friday posts I do but not always! No matter what day it falls on I have to post ONE picture on the last day of the month! This month it’s a Saturday. I know... I know... Still no worse than someone working 9-5 right! But I'm not done yet!

Next we have the Vlog-Blog! This one requires some research but not much and it is where any posts that have any type of video in it are posted. Yes the research is me searching out the video or videos I plan on using in the post. And again I know it still doesn't sound worse than someone with a normal job... But we are just getting started!

All of that stuff together is equal to an average normal job... So here is the rest of the stuff all in one lump sum... They are my social media accounts used to promote my work. That is a very general term since one is a poetry site that I post my work on and others are photo sites. Now then here is why my life is crazy like Alice's rabbit hole! On top of this "job" I hold a second "Job" and it is a full time one as well. No I'm not going to say mother is my job here...

I am a YouTube Creator. What this means is that I plan out, travel to the scene, record, edit, and post videos all while trying to keep up with the first job I described! And just for fun lets add in how I am trying to write a book too. Yes you read that right, I'm also an author.

I don't know how I find time to bring kids to things Let alone sleep!!! But somehow... Sleep, food Karate are figured into this too. Not to mention my time I need for my sanity to not disappear! So with all this in mind I wanted to thank those of you who stick around and put up with me missing posts or taking vacations... 

Thank you very very much from the bottom of my heart!

I couldn't do this without you because I would surly have given up by now! I think I'll end this post here... You have more than enough to read and double that to think about I'm sure. Plus you have a life of your own you are trying to live too! Hugs to you all... Remember, you can do it!

As always... Thanx for reading my post!
Hope you have a fun and happy day!

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