Ugh New sites and lotsa work!

Hello everyone... I'm writing today because I have a small dilemma on my hands... I didn't really think AnimeSeason.com would be shutting down..... I really hoped they wouldn't! But luck was not on my side and they shut down... I have been trying to decide what to do ever since this morning!!!

You see this was a site I used for my reviews all along and now it doesn't exist anymore... That means I have countless reviews that now have broken links... Add this to the Bato.to fiasco and I am so swamped with trying to figure out what reviews need to be changed and where the Anime or Manga can be found.


Not only do I have to look for and fix the links but I have to find sites that are trust worthy... And the current years list was based off of being able to go to those sites and read or watch what I needed... I don't know if all of them can be found on other sites so now my list for the year is messed up too!


Anyhow... I thought I would let you know that as of today I will be starting to look back on old posts and fix them... This may take time but I will do my best to get it all done fast. I shouldn't have an issue with getting the reviews out on time but I won't be putting out the announcements on time for the time being. I have to make sure I can still get to all the anime or manga and if I can't I have to have the freedom to be able to change the tittle I'm putting out... I know I could even if I did the announcement but I would feel guilty and I don't want that! Yeah I know I'm silly.

Anyhow... Thanx for understanding!

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